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Ice shelves disappearing on Antarctic peninsula - Glacier retreat and sea level rise are possible consequences - Ice shelves are retreating in the southern section of the Antarctic Peninsula due to climate change. This could result in glacier retreat and sea-level rise if warming continues, threatening coastal communities and low-lying islands worldwide.

New USGS Study Documents Rapid Disappearance of Antarctica's Ice Shelves - Possible forecast for continued Antarctica glacier loss and sea-level rise due to climate change.

The Story Of Captain Tarapow And His Icebreaker - April 2007: A fire develops on board the A.R.A. Almirante Irizar, a massive ship and the only icebreaker in the southern hemisphere; everyone abandons the vessel, except the captain; the ships seems to hang on, as well as the captain.

Argentina in Antarctica (I) - In 1904 Argentina began the permanent, uninterrupted occupation of Antarctica when her flag was raised at the Orkney settlement, in February 22 of that year.

Climate projections underestimate CO2 impact - The climate may be 30 - 50 percent more sensitive to atmospheric carbon dioxide in the long term than previously thought, according to a study published in Nature Geoscience.

Outdoor Tips - Leading By Example - If you have to lead people on any sort of outdoor activity, from a family-and-friends trekking party to a full-scale expedition in search for meteorites fallen in Antarctica, you have to ask from yourself more than from others or face discontent.

How To Survive A Very Cold Night - If you have the equipment, training and experience, spending a night in very cold places like Antarctica, Patagonia or Alaska is relatively easy, albeit it will never be a routine thing. But if you are suddenly confronted with an emergency situation, you will have to take action; here you have some tips.

Home building - Do some research before starting to build your new house.

A brief reflection on great leaps - How success never mixes well with chance and coincidence.

A brief reflection on geniuses - An essay showing the vital importance for any society to identify and stimulate its gifted children.

Science and the wild - Something to think about science, the wilderness and those who are against knowledge and the environment.

A basic rule for disaster avoidance

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