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An assortment of articles, comments and tales about Argentina: its government policies, economy, sports and social life in the country, nature and environmental issues, outdoor activities and more.

Argentina in Antarctica (I) - In 1904 Argentina began the permanent, uninterrupted occupation of Antarctica when her flag was raised at the Orkney settlement, in February 22 of that year.

The Story Of Captain Tarapow And His Icebreaker - April 2007: A fire develops on board the A.R.A. Almirante Irizar, a massive ship and the only icebreaker in the southern hemisphere; everyone abandons the vessel, except the captain; the ships seems to hang on, as well as the captain.

Leaving adventurers on their own: A lack of leadership? - From time to time we hear about accidents that take place out in the wild, in which someone gets lost, hurt or while his companions continue about their journey, leaving the person in need alone. Why does it happen?

The colour of salmon - What colour do you see when you eat salmon? Many would say somewhat redundantly that its colour is salmon, or red, but in reality, it isn't; the odd thing is that people normally wouldn't like to buy salmon, which is not coloured salmon, which is not the truth. This kind of selective blindness can be seen also in decision-making processes, turning management and leadership into random ventures.

Maradona, what a leader says and the separation between formal and informal leadership - After a bizarre press conference once Argentina won over Uruguay in a decisive match for the South Africa Football World Cup 2010, Diego Armando Maradona, now coach of the Argentine team, spat on any journalist who dares to make critics to his person or leadership abilities. What does this represent from a leadership perspective?

Sometimes You May Hit an Empty Jackpot - Sometimes the most coveted things prove useless once people get them, either because the really worthwhile thing about coveting something was the desire itself, but not the object; and sometimes the problem lies in the fact that people believe untrue things about what they covet and want.

Argentina: victim of her own mistakes? (I) - Comments and thoughts about Argentina and global change.

In Latin America, Soccer Is More Important Than Human Rights (I) - An essay on the failure of new democracies of Latin America to deliver real results for the people.

Argentina, the case for Neo-Communism? (I) - The depression of year 2002 in the country that was the A-plus student of the IMF may be just what anti-global groups need to prove that they are right.

Line and Argentina: Can Countries Behave Just Like Ordinary People? (I) - Sometimes, human beings and coutries share similar conducts, like Argentina and my former girlfriend.

Regions / Patagonia - Detailed descriptions of some mountains and ranges of Patagonia, South America that we have explored.

Regions / Patagonia / Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia - Did you know that Patagonia actually had a King? He was no madman, no dreamer, but a true King.

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