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Pablo Edronkin

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Nobody can learn without mistakes, but it is cheaper to learn from the mistakes of others than our own; it is also the case that we can learn from the successes of others and so we present you here short stories of adventurers and travellers that played against the odds and in some cases lost and others won, but always showing us what we should and shouldn't do.

A traveller that is also an adventurer is not precisely a tourist; within this category we can include explorers, caravan merchants, war correspondents, mercenaries, pro-nature activists and others that take risks in their trips. We don't judge what they do or their motivations, but we are pretty sure that from every such experience we can learn a lot plus in many cases, their stories constitute very interesting reading material. The voyages of Marco Polo are not just historical curiosities but tales from which we can still today learn a lot, and the same could be said of the exploits of Chapman Andrews, the explorers of the African continent, the Portuguese mariners, the Spanish "conquistadores", astronauts, cosmonauts, and many others.

In some occasions some of these individuals may have behaved in a morally questionable way but in any case and at any rate it is easy to see and value in them their leadership, boldness, capacity for survival and persistence, which are good values to be emulated by anyone wanting to become a true entrepreneur.

Travelling, but not sightseeing
Travelling, but not sightseeing.

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