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Travelling is something generally good but sometimes problems arise and here we present you our tips, based in our experiences, to save you many and headaches.

Someone said once that optimism is the only valid form of philosophy and it is probably so at least regarding travelling because each trip implies either a job that gives you money or a holiday, for which you should be grateful since having time to spare in anything you like is indeed a very fortunate thing. But the fortune of being able to travel doesn't mean that every moment in every trip is a pleasant one. Things could go wrong with your passports, tickets, reservations, luggage and many other things that influence every sort of trip, from the simplest ones to grand tours and cultural exchange programs.

Those of us working at Andinia feel very fortunate because we travel a lot; this is both an enterprise and a way of life, business and entertainment at the same time. And so, inconvenients related to transportation, lodging and so on arise and form part of the things we do: We experienced things like suddenly learning that the airline with which we were going to travel has gone bankrupt and nobody wants to give our money back, or once, during a Sunday afternoon in Tahiti, someone told us that the flight that we had to take to Samoa and then to Hawaii the next day had been cancelled and our only chance was to fly to Los Angeles and Honolulu immediately...

Flying over the Andes
Flying over the Andes.

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