Urban Survival: A State Will Tend To Save Itself Even If That Means Charging Against Its Own Citizens

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Pablo Edronkin

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A possibility that should not be overlooked in the framework of study of urban survival: Governments may turn against their own people

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History confirms many times that any state forced to chose to survive as a political entity or to leave its citizens survive, will almost always elect the first option; thus, this behaviour can be considered as the rule.

When a regime falls it rarely goes down quietly; the main reason for this is that the individuals that are functional to that decaying regime will rarely abandon their privileges without a fight and besides, they might be fearful for their lives. Adolf Hitler presupposed that Germans got what they just deserved at the end of WWII because they had voted him and his nazi regime; saying that "people get the government that they deserve" is a concept far too elastic to be considered an absolute, arbitrary truth.

But even without going to such extremes in history it is easy to see why at least some citizens, and at least for a while, tend to consider the state as more important than themselves. Usually, disenchantment with results tends to shake those ideas out but for a whole group individuals are more than willing to surrender their survival opportunities to guarantee that the fatherland will live. This is in essence, patriotism, as it is vulgarly understood.

Analysing this issue is no the point now, but let's say that of the state, the state is the most important thing. It is easy to see this when looking at historic facts: In several countries there are bunkers and security installations to protect key government members and state bureaucrats while common people never enjoy such insurance systems. This has a lot to do with the fact that the state needs to maintain a working administration even during severe crises, but this should be taken into account when thinking about individual survival as opposed to the interests of the state. It may happen - and in fact it does - that a government takes action ignoring or against the interests of citizens expecting otherwise. Citizens should not expect to receive survival guarantees from their own government.

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