Urban Survival Tips And Advice: Don´t Be Gullible

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Pablo Edronkin

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It is indeed important to help and avoid making things worse during any sort of emergency or catastrophe; but it is equally important, for your own sake and survival, not to trust political leaders.

Politicians live and thrive by seeking advantages and escaping when things get complicated. They try to avoid what they know as political costs and they act like that all the time, when the sky is clear and there are no storms gathering. So, whenever a really complicated thing happens politicians tend to escape at a faster rate and speed, because they know that immediately after the trouble they will be held accountable in some way or another; this means that hugue numbers of people could suddenly be left in very dangerous situations simply because their leaders are coward.

This happened numerous times: Tens of thousands of civilians living around the Chernobyl nuclear station learned about the explosion almost three days after it took place. After the attack on the World Trade Center in New York, in 2001, and despite all sorts of conspiracy theories that naturally abound, the fact is that no ranking government official was removed. Indeed, they were not responsible for causing the attack, but they did not prevent it. Someone should have been held accountable but nothing... By pointing to Mr. Bin Laden and his deeeds politicians in the U.S. - of all factions and parties - just managed to convinced people, in a way, not to dig deeper on how the millionarie-turned-terrorist started his new career - with the help of the U.S. government that desired other human beings to suffer what in the end, U.S. citizens suffered, that is - and the same officials that were incompetent enough not to stall the attacks in 2001 were left in their offices.

And please note that we have not talked yet of governments that purpotedly delude large sectors of their own citizens in order to cause them harm with premeditation and on their own: Mr. Mugabe in Zimbabwe (former Rhodesia) or the Khmer Rouge in Kampuchea / Cambodia deliberately lied in order to keep people quiet as they began their plans for expropiation, eviction, exile and even mass executions.

When the survival of large sectors of the population of a political entity is put in jeopardy lies will emerge because leaders will try to protect their own interests. You should indeed help the victims and consider the advice of firemen and the police, for example; be part of the solution and not of the problem, but always make a distinction between the police officer and the politician that is his boss, for the common good.

No one, anywhere, should trust politicians because they lie when truth is needed most.
No one, anywhere, should trust politicians because they lie when truth is needed most.

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