How To Speak In Code Simply And Effectively

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Pablo Edronkin

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Have you ever wondered how you could communicate with someone else to pass very sensitive information without calling the attention of others but right in front of them? Well... Here we have a technique for you.

You do not need any encryption device to pass secret information right in front of the noses of bystanders. It is indeed possible to talk in a foreign language, but that requires that you and your interloper, the sender and receptor, understand it well and besides, that could seem rude to others or call the attention of - say - the guards of the concentration camp where you are being kept as a prisoner of war, or maybe the tax agency is tapping into your phone to find out how to get more of your hard earned money, a competitor, or just about anyone willing to intrude into your privacy.

Summam scrutemur, a lot of situations could require effective and discrete confidential communications with simple means available, and this system allows precisely for that with minimum training.

As in the case of any code, this one requires a key; it is based on a technique used in the jails of Russia, where eve prisoners are adept to playing chess, and it consists in simply sending fractions of the intended message embedded in simple, innocuous conversations that take place as two people just play with a chess board.

The key in each session is one of the board's pieces - say, a tower - and the whole thing consists in the fact that each time one player touches the key piece or moves it, he should say a word that forms part of the secret message that is being passed, just as a word that forms part of the normal conversation in which the message is embedded. In other words, it allows for sustaining two conversations at the same time.

Once the communication is finished, the receiver only has to put those words together in order to reconstruct the message. The only thing that you have to do is play while conversing just about anything. Only those words mentioned while moving the key piece will matter.

Experience shows that this code is extremely hard to crack, even for trained and experienced intelligence operatives. You can become fluent in it - so to speak - with minimum practice and of course, it could be adapted to any other game or activity.

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