Nature Doesn't Need To Collect Taxes

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Pablo Edronkin

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Having the best hospitals, the best social medicine system and the most advanced technology does not really guarantee a good or better state of physical or mental health. It is a substantial mistake of our Western culture to believe that money brings happiness and health; clearly it helps, but the problem is that we put all our eggs in that basket, and then things do not work as we expect.

We are materialistic, even regarding health, hygiene and medicine; having resources is good, but materialism is not about having them, but being lazy, looking for the easiest solution instead of the best, and this fatal flaw in our mindset is what hampers even the most intensive and deep attempts to attain the most-enlightened society, as Scandinavia proves, where 'inexplicably' some health problems could never be solved:

- In Norway, women still use a feminist jargon like that which was in use back in 1970; either men cannot live together with women, or quite a lot of women there are using feminism and its clichés to vent personal and emotional frustrations. At any rate, this is an emotional problem and thus, a matter of mental health because it provokes a lot of stress.

- And then, in all Scandinavian countries we have rampant alcoholism; alcohol is a drug, an addictive product. Henceforth, any country having lots of chronic alcoholics has a serious, deep-rooted social problem related to public health.

- In Sweden, the divorce rate for marriages not older than five years is about 50%; this means that people starting their adult lives are under intense stress and emotional problems, because if that is the rate of failure, we can assume that the majority of couples have quite serious problems there. This is another public health issue.

- And in Sweden, the suicide rate is very high; in fact, the country has one of the highest rates of self - termination of the whole world. Not exactly what one would expect from an enlightened society.

Thus, we can only conclude that Scandinavia is not - by far - the promised land and people there have serious mental health problems unsolvable by their expensive benefactor state policy of public health and medicine.

We, here at Andinia, believe that money cannot buy you health. It can buy medicines, true, but not health in a broad sense, and the Scandinavian case proves that. They have superb hospitals, very good universities, social workers, subsidies and so on, but facts prove that their materialism in this regard does not work because these nations have proved unable to solve certain problems like alcoholism, stress and so on despite vast investments in the area.

We believe that in order to reach a new level of health and peace of mind we should return to more natural remedies and introspection; boasting wealth and artificial social constructions is worthless. Nature has attained much more than any human without investing any money or asking for any taxes.

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