How To Survive Tax Payments

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Pablo Edronkin

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Governments around the world love to tax people as much as possible; the voracity of bureaucracy is remarkable and today any common citizen pays nearly half his income, which is more than what serfs used to pay during feudal times in the middle ages.

Any "free citizen" from any modern democracy is in reality an urban survivor that has to struggle all the time with companies that don't deliver the service they are supposed to give but charge like if they were first-rate corporations, and then you have robberies, street violence, terrorism and indeed, voracious governments that use every means available to tighten all sorts of controls using all sorts of justifications. That is how you have CCTV cameras all around your city block and it is the reason behind the fact that opening a bank account these days has become exceedingly complicated under the excuse of controlling money laundering.

How many cases of money laundering there are anyway? Does the fact that a dozen millionaires that - by the way could be easily spotted - attempt to do that justifies making the life more difficult to thousands of million of people? Give me a break! An Oh! Who guarantees that those CCTV cameras on the street won't be looking inside your house as we speak?

Dubious behaviour regarding the attributions of states is not limited to third world regimes where tax money ends up inside the pockets of public officials: Just remember that any law-abiding and honest U.S. or U.K. citizen these days who pays every penny they have to pay in the form of taxes is directly contributing to the construction and deployment of antipersonnel landmines in Iraq, a place where 95% of all children are having learning problems and disabilities and could consider themselves fortunate to remain functionally retarded due to the stress of war instead of falling victims to those mines and losing their limbs, eyes or noses, or even get killed. All this is, of course, "legal" in the terms of laws and lawmakers but tell me: Do you think it is correct or for a good cause? Really?

Then, the first thing that you have to take into account whenever thinking about taxes is that what is legal may not be necessarily right in moral terms, but is what counts. Lawyers know that very, very well, and while we may question what they do, it is a fact that they cash quite a bit of money, so why not you? Thus, stay legal in whatever you do, or else you may be in trouble. This is the first rule of urban survival applied to taxes: Do whatever is necessary to get an advantage, but do it in a way in which nobody could legally complain about what you do.

Don't feel queasy about this because in the realm of survival you have to learn even how to eat things that could make you vomit; eating them doesn't mean that you develop a sudden liking for the thing, but a rational attitude.

The second rule is that since we cannot possibly know everything about everything, legal and financial advice are mandatory whenever you want to pay less taxes… and even whenever you want to pay them at all, because these days taxation has become unnervingly complicated and you could very well end up paying twice after being totally honest, or going to jail, or something like that!

I am not telling you this as a way to cover my back; this is not a "disclaimer" but encouragement to seek the advice of a public accountant or a lawyer in order to twist things in your favour is such a way as to make any pursue by tax inspectors impossible. Consider the associated professional fees not as an expense but an investment, because in the end you will save a lot more.

The third rule is "know your enemy": Tax systems are made for the big scale; tax agencies and regulations are indeed heavy handed but they are also slow and inflexible. They cannot possibly know everything you do in real time and this is why they need all sorts of receipts, forms and papers signed by you or used during your activities that may lead to taxation in some way or another. Thus, if those papers were not available… how would they find out what you do? And how do you make those papers disappear and at the same time remain under the law? Here is where and when you have to start thinking flexibly and creatively: Go offshore, for example, to a fiscal paradise, and go about your business there.

And the fourth rule is that patriotic duty is an abstraction: You, your family and your kind come first, second and third. Think like lawyer and protect the interests of your client - i.e. yourself - no matter what, as long as you do it in way - i.e. legally - that nobody could challenge.

By respecting these rules you will survive the ever growing tendency and ability of your government to tax everything possible in a direct or subdued way. Trusting the law may not be enough, for public officials are able to write their own laws, best suited to their interest and not yours; think outside the box, don't be deluded, and don't anybody or anything intimidate you.

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