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Surviving Hatred

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Hatred is instrumental for performing a terrorist attack; it is also fundamental for survival. We don't keep hatred in high esteem; Hitler hated Jews and tried to wipe them out, Serbians hated Bosnians and tried to exterminate them; Iranians - at least government officials - hate Israel and shamelessly say that they would like to have the Jewish state wiped out too. So hatred produces rather poor human performance in almost every department except genocidal abilities and a few more.

The problem for Iranian officials now is that Israelis seem to have learned from Macchiavelli: "Only armed prophets survive," as he wrote in his famous book, The Prince. So Israelis have the capability of wiping out Iran too. It would be bad indeed; why should two nations disappear?

From this standpoint we could go along for a couple of days toying with ideas such as hatred breeding more hatred and so on, but if we consider just the immediate question of survival when confronted with fanatics, it must be said that hating them could actually help you survive their onslaught or deter them from their intentions.

POWs in the hands of the Japanese army at the construction site of the infamous Burmese railway suffered terribly and only a handful survived; yet more Asians died at the hands of their cruel captors, and what is interesting to notice is that survivors from that ordeal stated repeatedly that actually hating the Japanese soldiers helped them a lot. It gave them motivation, something to live for.

Indeed, hate is not a good human quality; however, under the direst of circumstances it could become a life saver and paradoxically, a good thing to feel.

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