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The Contradictions Of Hamas-Like Groups

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The Contradictions Of Hamas-Like GroupsWithin the Islamic world some groups have appeared over the years that more often than not are labelled by many nations as well as international organisations as of terrorist extraction and methods, but these armed groups are often more complex and show political as well as social facets that are supplementary to their declared goals of armed struggle against Israel, the United States, Western nations and even their own governments. This particular nature attracts a lot of people that receive benefits from groups and political parties like Hamas.

This is a paramilitary organisation that grew along the Palestine proto-government, with a final goal: the destruction of the state of Israel. It is also a political party with seats in the Palestine parliament and a social entity that develops lots of beneficial activities for the people of Gaza and the West Bank. As it is well-known, there is a struggle between Israel and the Palestinians for these territories; it is a bitter and often bloody affair from which Hamas as well as other groups are nourished, as Palestinians and Muslims in general believe that their legitimate territories have been occupied by the Israelis, and their problems like poverty, violence and lack of opportunities evolve as a direct result of that. In other words, they grow on the perception that Israel is guilty of everything bad that happens to them.

Independently from whether it is the Palestinians or the Israelis that are right or wrong, it is perhaps in order to consider whether the violent strategy of armed struggle or resistance - as some call it - or terrorism - as others call it too - is fruitful and successful. Today, most Palestinians live in poverty, unemployed and increasingly close to a humanitarian crisis like those that took place in Biafra or Ethiopia. From the military standpoint, while the actions of Hamas cells have caused pain in Israel, they always brought back the wrath of the IDF, which makes it a point to cause always more harm and destruction than what they got as a result of Hamas' actions. Fighting Israel militarily has always been a very bad business and that can be easily seen on the degree of poverty and destruction seen among Palestinians and others.

While poverty and desperation are increasing in the Palestine territories, residents an citizens of Israel have a high living standard that has not decreased despite the constant violence: Israelis live far better than any resident in any Muslim nation. The recent violent events that caused an ominous Israeli campaign in Lebanon and Gaza have produced even more misery and destruction, showing that the Israeli Defence Forces are as ruthless as Hamas or any Muslim paramilitary group, but far more capable of causing wholesale pain and damage. As I mentioned, the IDF have a policy that consists in always causing more pain than what they suffer.

So the situation can be resumed in simple, hard facts: both the Israelis and Palestinians suffer attacks, but life standards in Israel, as well as the IDF military capabilities have not been hurt in any significant way so far; moreover: even if weapons such as rockets to be launched into Israeli territories improve, retaliation will follow and it will always be more painful. A military victory against Israel is unlikely: five wars won by the IDF since 1948 prove that, and at any rate, fighting Israelis have always proved to be extremely costly and difficult. Fighting the Israelis is futile: since the times of King Salomon they have shown to be good at it, better than their rivals, more ruthless and capable of building up large armies and arsenals with which to strike back. There is no point in discussing whom or why began the fighting, or where does reason is in all this; now it is the time to think about the survival of the Palestine people and the viability of a Palestinian nation, for at this rate of attrition, even the present-day Israeli occupation will seem sweet a few years from nowSo, if the Palestinian people or Hamas really think that they can get anything from their neighbours other than punishment, they should abandon the follies of armed struggle and consider diplomacy, for they have only managed to humiliate themselves so far by pretending to bully a much more powerful adversary in military terms.

It may be momentarily satisfactory to throw a rocket, capture a soldier or stabbing a civilian, but everyone knows that a few hours after, the IDF will pay a visit back after coldly calculating how to strike back in the most painful way. So, considering that while the Israelis remain for the most part unscathed, and that there are only two choices: either them or the Palestinians abandon the armed struggle, plus what Egypt and Jordan have obtained by negotiating peace treaties with their former Jewish enemies, Palestinian fathers and mothers should start to consider where all this leads and what kind of future do they want to offer to their children: winning militarily against Israel is highly improbable, but by stopping to attack or resists or whatever they choose to call it in combat terms, and turning to diplomacy, they will get some results other than hell. It is a simple matter: Israelis have no reason to stop fighting because they have the upper hand, but war brought no results to Palestine. So the choice of attempting to solve disputes by force against an adversary that is far more capable of inflicting harm has backfired, and Hamas leaders are for this even more guilty than the Israelis for the suffering of the Palestine people.

Sooner or later, life conditions among the supporters of such groups at odds with Israel will be so bad as to make fighting unconvincing for its practical disadvantages: even various Arab governments have already spoken quite frankly about the fact that they are increasingly worried and fed-up with such groups: the Palestinian authority doesn't support Hamas anymore, and the governments of Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait already stated their official position against such groups that only cause trouble and constantly derail the peace process in the Middle East, suggesting that in the future, conditions and results for the supporters of such groups will not improve.

Bravery is indeed required to fight, but more bravery is required to stop fighting because bravery with no results is just stupidity.

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