Evacuating With Your Pets


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DENTON, TEXAS - Family pets should never be left behind in an evacuation. As families in evacuation areas prepare for hurricane season, they also need to plan for the family pet according to state and federal emergency management officials.

Decide now where you and your family will stay if local officials call for an evacuation. Many hotels or shelters may not allow pets. Prepare an emergency kit for each pet in a waterproof, easy-to-carry container. Families evacuating in their own vehicles can use this check list:

A secure pet carrier, cage or crate, plus leash and collar or harness for each pet

Muzzle (Anxiety and stress can cause any pet to bite. A muzzle serves to protect both the pet and other people.)

An up-to-date identification tag on your pet's collar and proof of ownership, such as a picture of you with your pet

Veterinary records and medications, such as flea or heartworm treatment, along with emergency contact information

One week's worth of food and water for each pet, including dishes, spoon and a can opener

Written feeding and medication instructions, including what NOT to feed your pet

Clean-up supplies: paper towels, newspaper, kitty litter with pan and scoop for cats, sealable bags for disposing of waste, wet and dry wipes and hand sanitizers

Pet toys, bedding and treats

For more information on care for household pets and livestock during evacuation and sheltering, go to:

Get A Game Plan Website: www.GetAGamePlan.org

FEMA Hurricane Preparedness Web page: www.fema.gov/hazard/hurricane/hu_season09.shtm

How to improvise a survival shelter in less than ten minutes.

Source: FEMA

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