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Manifestos, essays, thoughts and comments on self-sufficient living, both individually an within communities.

Survival Tips For Economic Disasters - The dawn of civilisation meant the apparition of urban survival scenarios: today's world requires learning also how to survive in the middle of financial disasters both at a national as well as a global level. Here you have some advice.

How To Make A Spoon Out Of Wood - In this brief article we will describe how to carve a spoon out of wood during a wilderness emergency or survival situation.

How To Carve Wood Using Fire - Under survival circumstances we may face the need to manufacture our own tools with whatever resource lies at hand; sometimes those resources will be manufactured materials that could be adapted for our uses, while in other occasions we may resort to what Mother Nature has to offer, and in this regard, I will comment about the basics of wood carving using fire and embers.

How Celts Used Their Resources To Survive - The way in which Celts took advantage of animals after their domestication in ancient Europe should be taken into account in every survival course.

How To Care For An Airplane (I) - Aircraft should be repaired only by competent mechanics but they should be looked after by their owners and operators; plus, there are situations in which any sort of technician may not be available, so every pilot should know what to do for expedient field repairs.

How To Start A Reciprocating Aircraft Engine (I) - Starting an aeronautical conventional engine is a rather simple procedure if it has a starter; but if you have to resort to hand propping, you should take some precautions and follow a carefully rehearsed technique, and this is the recommended method.

Survival Tips And Advice: Have A Way To Reload Batteries - Among the great variety of things that we can take on our adventure trips or outdoor activities in general, battery chargers are among the most functional; today it is possible to purchase solar battery chargers of all sizes and for all purposes.

Religious Books For Survival - Religious beliefs could prove essential for survival.

The Highest Garbage In The World - Mount Everest attracts thousands of visitors each year that leave thousands of kilos of all sorts of garbage without much of a fuss.

Food And Gunpowder - Did you know that it seems that there is a connection between eating and the discovery of gunpowder?

Gun Ownership Is A Natural Right - Stating that people should not have guns goes against human nature and turns those who accept that principle into cattle, it goes against nature and is a principle that will never succeed.

In The Realm Of Survival, Guns, Money And Plans... - There are times when surviving may mean to hide some things even from official scrutiny.

10 Rules To Respect While Working Independently - If you are an independent worker, you should better learn how to deal with yourself.

An introduction to survivalism (I) - A description of survival as a discipline and a complement to your outdoor activities by a seasoned patagonian explorer.

Survival tips: Making vessels for liquids and cooking (I) - Methods to improvise or manufacture vessels. Leather, pottery and more.

Is The State A True Necessity? - We people are accustomed to think that beyond the sovereignty of a state underlies some sort of God's will, and thus, the state and political institutions are indispensable but guess what? They are not, by far.

I Prefer The Trial Of Zurvan Rather Than Talking To A Despicable Judge - One of the things that humankind has to get rid of in order to continue its progress is the concept of justice in the hands of the state.

Expedient Survival Weapons That Are Not Firearms - Firearms are excellent as survival weapons for those moments in which a last-ditch effort is required in dire danger, but there are other ways to defend oneself and to hunt when food is required.

Jungle Factories: The Local Production Of Expedient Weapons - There are many interesting cases of more or less clandestine weapons factories and those that managed to produce useful and novel ideas in weaponry despite very difficult circumstances and scarce resources.

The Successful Jungle Factory - The production of clandestine weaponry in the so-called 'jungle factories' - but indeed, it is not mandatory that such factories actually be in the jungle or any other particular environment - is a characteristic of mature guerrilla or irregular forces fighting in a long-term conflict. The appearance of such miniature industrial plants is also typical among well-organised resistance forces in invaded territories, and de facto autonomous regions.

A Sled Without Snow - Despite the apparent contradiction, a sled can be used in any survival or extreme situation for carrying wounded people or cargo even if there is no snow around, and constructing one expediently is easier than most people think; as an alternative to improvised backpacks, sleds have something to offer.

Tips For Storing Food Reserves In Urban Areas For Survival Purposes - Being in a city doesn't guarantee that survival will be easier for anyone, if compared to what has to be done in the wilderness: on the contrary, cities and urban areas present their own problems and oddly enough, their inhabitants are often very ill prepared to deal with emergencies.

The Black Market - One of the consequences of the prolongation of any sort of state of exception or survival is the apparition and development of the black market; survivors and survivalists should know what it is and how to operate because having to participate in it may be a probable scenario.

People Will Tend To Save Themselves Despite Their Nation And The State That Runs It - Normally, for a human being there is no prima facie differentiation between the survival of an individual and the survival of the group to which that individual belongs; we tend to help each other but to what extent? Is there a limit to this?

Urban Survival: Is Your Government On Your Side? - The belief in the democratic system along with patriotism give strength to this supposition; however, the way un which the international financial crisis is being managed seems to prove that sometimes there are exceptions.

Urban Survival: Reduce The Number Of Bank Accounts That You Have - Why pay more if you can get the same results for less? But there are more reasons to have less bank accounts, starting with the fact that simplicity helps our finances survive.

Saving Is Surviving And Prospering - What does it mean that so many people are falling into bankruptcy due to their mortgages and loans? Simply put, they owe far more than what they have and that's anti natural.

Urban Survival Starts With Modest Home Repairs - Knowing how to repair things at home, like vacuum cleaners, your car, walls, the roof, electrical circuits and such stuff helps a lot to prepare yourself as an urban survivalist.

Health / First aid, wilderness emergencies - Outdoor activities always entail some risks to your physical integrity. Learn about the techniques and suitable behaviour for surviving emergencies and disasters.

Survival / Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) Survival - Practical articles on the characteristics of nuclear, biological and chemical mass-destruction weapons, how they work and how to avoid their deadly effects. Their relationship to terrorism and pollution.

Survival / Survival Tales - Articles telling histories and tales about real survival experiences.

Outdoor Activities / Survival / Shelters and Bivouacs - How to build simple ones or full-sized, lodges, cabins and stone houses, useful for lengthy stays in isolated areas.

Survival / Combustibles and Fire - How to improvise combustibles outdoors. How to survive in a fire. Tips and techniques for making camp fires.

Survival / Personal Defence and Martial Arts - Articles related to self-defence and martial arts with or without weapons: paintball, combat survival, courses, etc.

Survival / Combat Survival - How to stay alive and survive in a war or armed conflict. Being a civilian does not preclude you from knowing how battles are fought and won, for in this way you may save your own life.

Survival / Combat Survival / Guns and Weapons - Advice and recommendations on choosing and handling weapons.

Geography and Outdoors / Navigation and Maps - Learn how to navigate using maps, a compass, gps systems or simply by observing natural formations. Find your way whenever you get lost in the wilderness.

Take care of your provisions - Always take with you more provisions than those that you will really need.

Aeronautical Survival: Aircraft Emergencies - Survival techniques can be applied to almost any kind of environment; in the case of aviation, the use of them begins whenever an aircraft suffers some serious trouble and enters an emergency state.

The Titanic Syndrome - Comments on our shifts of mood when disaster strikes.

A brief reflection on surviving blizzards - Something to think about survival in blizzards.

Get the right knife - Wilderness tips and advice: get the right knife for your trips.

One knife is not enough - Wilderness tips and advice: one knife is not enough for survival and outdoor use.

Aluminium for survival - Wilderness tips and advice: use aluminium foil as a survival tool.

Lighters as survival tools - Use lighters instead of matches.

Traps - Survival tips: about traps and trapping.

How to repair things using wire - Metallic wire is quite versatile as survival gear.

A brief reflection on the meaning of extreme situations - Something to think about the meaning and lessons that arise from extreme situations.

Regions, Continents and Countries - Articles, essays, comments and tales about different regions, continents and countries of the world dealing in each with case aspects of their society, culture, economy, geography, folklore, history, regional products, sports and outdoor activities, and other things of interest fot any traveller.

The New Babel Tower And The Frankenstein Twins - Within the context of our present day, global culture, corporations and governments are striving to acquire total control over people; both are acting against religious teachings and are contrary to God's will.

How To Survive Tax Payments - Governments around the world love to tax people as much as possible; the voracity of bureaucracy is remarkable and today any common citizen pays nearly half his income, which is more than what serfs used to pay during feudal times in the middle ages.

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