Do We Need To Re-learn Archery Skills?

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Pablo Edronkin

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Since the advent of firearms, bow hunting and the use of bows, arrows, spears and weapons that are not based in the use of gunpowder fell from the grace of many except a few enthusiasts and some survival experts.

Having a skillful hand with a bow was considered such an essential art that for centuries games like football not the American but the original, English version were prohibited: villains and commoners were not allowed to play with balls as European kings tried very hard to turn their subjects into archery enthusiasts by all means available, even by paying bribes and prizes for those who followed their desires and punishing those who did not.

If we go even further back in time, it becomes apparent that the use of bows within a military context was considering a trait of elite troops, and when the two wheel chariot was invented a few millennia B.C., the combination of both, the first high-speed vehicle with the tremendous firepower of bows and arrows in the right hands, produced both a huge advancement in combat tactics as well as the creation of the first true special forces and elite combat units.

Improvised, survival bow
An effective, improvised bow.

If we take into account the skills that Indians, not so long ago, showed against European settlers and armies from Canada to Tierra del Fuego, as well as what can still be seen among Zen monks and a few remaining tribes and cultures around the world, marksmanship with weapons apparently so primitive as the bow can provide a formidable firepower both for hunting and survival.

In terms of the psychological factor in any sort of combat situation, and especially during an ambush, the precise and effective use of the bow is devastating for anyone who suddenly finds on the target end of the shooting process. So, learning a little about the topic is advisable for anyone interested in unconventional warfare, survival or hunting, and if that is your case, you will find more information thorough this link.

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