Metallic Foil As Part Of Your Survival Gear

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Pablo Edronkin

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Metallic foil is cheap an easy to get, and it can be used in many different ways as part of your survival equipment; indeed, you donít need to be in an emergency to take advantage of the unique properties of foiled metal, so consider taking a bit on your next adventure.

We learned a long time ago that you never have enough vessels, containers and way to pack up things while staying in the wilderness. We also learned that carrying rigid vessels is not practical in all cases, and that you cannot pack your rucksack up to the brim with them.

There are also cases in which we liked the idea of cooking or baking certain things but we needed our metallic plates, jars and so on for other purposes, so we came up with the idea of carrying some metallic foil with us during our expeditions. With this malleable, easy to handle material we began doing a lot of things in a very cheap way, no matter the perspective that you take on the issue.

First of all, unless your foil is made out of gold or some weird alloy, it will always be inexpensive. It is also very easy to buy at any supermarket and very lightweight; and since it is very malleable, you can pack it in as many ways as you can imagine.

With enough foil you can improvise jars, bowls, a frying pan or just any sort of vessel, so it becomes a very handy thing to have while in survival situations I which you may have lost your gear. You can carry foil inside a shirtís pocket, inside a vest, or wherever you place your emergency or survival kit.

Baking or cooking things over embers is one of the best ways to use metallic foil: we usually bake bread in this way, but almost any sort of meal can be prepared in such way in the absence of an adequate, rigid cooking vessel.

As with any other item carried into the wilderness, make sure that you donít leave bits of metallic foil behind you, for the environment may not take that well; it is easy to break the foil and to lose some parts of it, but thatís about the only shortcoming that it has in terms of its outdoor deployment.

You can also pack precision instruments (just donít short circuit anything), soap, geological samples and as many things as you can imagine. There are probably a thousand imaginable outdoor uses for foil, so donít forget to take a bit of it during your next outdoor adventure.

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