Yes Or No To Guns And Firearms?

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Pablo Edronkin

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Traditional adventure and outdoor activities usually entail no risks of the kind that would call for participants to carry guns or weapons, but in some cases, that may just be the case and this is an issue that requires some pondering.

We have seen both online and offline people with quite radical stances in favour or against guns and weapons; we think that the usage of these things should be understood as a necessity when it is necessary to use them, and not a concept isolated from the context.

Hunters in particular, should understand that sports hunting has become in these days a morally questionably thing: our society finds not acceptable to kill for fun, even a rabbit. However, most people who have an opinion about guns or weapons, really have no experience living in many different environments that actually make it dangerous not to have a rifle, a revolver, pistol, etc.

Would you just sit and talk with a Grizzly bear when it comes to attack you? Would you use your rifle to blow up your neighbour's stereo equipment that bothers you at 3:00 AM? People living in far away places see and use guns as tools; they are a necessity, plain and simple.

So, the issue of guns, quite coloured by what happens in the U.S.A. around the gun control issue and their constitutional ammendments, is being seen wrongly. People around the world are missing the point because of the continuous debate that is taking place in the United States.

The fact is that in the USA there is a lot of violence around weapons, but in Switzerland, army reservists carry their assault rifels with full-auto capability to their homes, and keep them there; we do not hear in the news about deranged individuals killing and wounding their fellow Swiss citizens.

On the other hand, in Brazil 250.000 people died of gun-related violence wounds in less than ten years; so clearly something has to be debated. Plans to 'disarm' civilians are, in our opinion, not effective: first of all, they have never been thorough history, and second, what society requires is to disarm criminals, not citizens. The Swiss case proves that a society can leave in peace with its citizens having guns at home.

Saying 'yes' or 'no' to guns is not a simple thing at all; probably, in highly populated countries with little actual wilderness left, guns may not be necessary, but in others the question is quite different. Some people needs them to survive, while others need to get rid of them, also in order to survive. We do not take any side on this issue, but invite those involved to appreciate that their particular situations and opinions may not be applicable to the rest of humanity.

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