The Survival Weapons Of Survivalists

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Pablo Edronkin

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In our culture, and particularly in the United States, the idea of a survivalist is that of a person armed with an assault rifle and dressed with a fur hat a la David Crockett, but that is a false stereotype, far away from the truth.

The United States has a love affair with guns; this peculiar stance we will not judge because everyone is free to think what he or she wants, but this part of that nation's folklore and the relative weight of the country among other nations in cultural and economic and terms has helped create a worldwide stereotype about survival and survivalism, based on the expectations of part of the local public. Whenever anyone speaks about this discipline, it is common to assume in the debate that survival is essentially a military technique, that a survivor is someone like Rambo and that it is mandatory that such a character should have an M16, AK47 or G3 assault weapon. These are very interesting weapons and indeed, very good at what they were designed for in a battlefield, but really, their value as survival weapons is more limited than the superficial value that popular mythology grants them.

Humankind has been surviving for millions of years now, firearms are an invention that occurred less than a thousand years ago, and assault weapons are a technological development of WWII, so they could hardly represent something indispensable for survival. You don't even need a weapon based on gunpowder technology to catch prey or defend yourself and survival techniques are far more deep and ample than just going on a shooting rampage.

Of course, in a battlefield or combat survival situation an assault rifle comes handy and gives you better chances of survival but how often does an outdoor enthusiast confronts such a scenario? In fact, it is far more possible that the kind of situations that a survivalist will confront have nothing to do with warfare and so, assault weapons would not serve them well. Paying too much attention to assault weapons and believing that they constitute an essential part of any survival kit deviates resources that should be applied to learning other, more useful things related to survival, not to mention that most purchasers of such weapons systems have no real military experience that would tell them how to use such guns efficiently, safely or legally. It is quite likely that most enthusiasts of such weapons will run away if confronted with a truly committed adversary such as a bunch of Al-Qaeda associates because weapons do not make warriors just by themselves, and people assure for themselves only superficial, amateurish combat training once they buy assault firearms.

In survival terms weapons are tools. Assault weapons are tools designed for war, not for survival; thus it becomes obvious that while of course, such firearms will shoot when you pull the trigger, they may not be the best suited for true survival purposes except within the framework of war. If you are interested in survival, before running to buy an assault rifle to look like a soldier and enjoy some sort of peaceful war adventure time, make an extra effort and learn firstly as much as you can about survival without firearms. Then, after you gain knowledge and experience, see for yourself if it would be suitable for you to have such weapons in your survival kit, and go to the gun shop with the conviction that you refer to buy such a product because you like firearms and you find them useful, and not because you feel that they are indispensable for your survival.

Essential training for combat survival.
Essential training for combat survival.

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