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A couple of minutes ago I banned and deleted a user at our forum that the first thing it did was to place the URL of a porno site online in its personal profile. Clearly, the person that did this - from Russia, in this case - joined the forum only to place such a link and probably expecting to get banned sooner or later, and about five minutes after the work was done, and as I reviewed his application, I noticed the link and of course, aborted the attempt. This individual took the job of signing in personally, writing a minimum of personal information, etc. much like in any kind of internet service in which you have to join, just to place a blatant porno link that of course, wouldn't pass the test of most webmasters; all that work went for nothing while in fact, the same person, even trying to promote the same kind of services or products could have achieved much better results for his efforts by targeting the correct audience - not certainly at an outdoor-oriented forum - and proceeding in a wiser way. All that to get his URL, name, IP and mail address banned; pathetic.

Within the context of survival situations in general we must avoid falling into a similar trap whenever we look for food, build a shelter or keep doing anything necessary for surviving, for there is no time and energy to waste. Senseless attempts such as trying to hunt animals without the necessary skills or moving and marching pointlessly across the wilderness if rescue is probably coming are the kind of things to avoid. The key point to consider is that within the context of long-term survival situations food may be scarce, the risk of infection or other health hazards increase, and the odds begin to play against the life expectancy of survivors. Energy must be saved in all forms: combustibles for a bonfire, calories for our bodies, batteries for radio equipment and so on.

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