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The natural history of our planet, told by sciences like palaeontology, geology, astrophysics and others is something really fascinating that exceeds by far in grandeur anything conceived as the pathetic history of our petty nations, imbecile politicians and pocket heroes, bloodthirsty military commanders, religious charlatans and psychopath revolutionaries. The world is far more marvellous than what is apparent everyday, but the masses, hungry for some sense in otherwise empty lives try to digest what is presented to them, and nothing more because thinking takes a toll like doing some fitness after work, but like going to the gym, thinking is good.

While I was still at high school and teachers insisted repeatedly and unabated with the same historical stuff that I had already learned at home, reading on my own, I tried to survive by following the law of minimum effort, while I contemplated the movement of the whole classroom thorough Einstein's fourth dimension. At those moments I often remember that phrase of Plutarch, who stated: 'The mind is not a vessel to fill, but a fire to lit.'

So much for that, because my teachers seemed utterly unaware of Plutarch, his ideas, and the fact that I had already studied him on my own. My parents tried to move me to higher courses, one or two years, because I was bored like those fungii spores waiting for something on soft soil, but bureaucracy proved almighty; so while I remained at that prison, I used the time to read other things.

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