The Morals Of Coleacanths And Opossums

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Pablo Edronkin

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Winning prizes, the lottery, finding gold or precious stones, exotic animals or uncovering mysteries are things that people often assume to be myths, but they can be quite real indeed.

Such things often exist beyond fiction; some people win extraordinary prizes, find gold and treasures and exotic, new species of plants and animals. Sometimes thought-extinct species appear and new things are uncovered in a world were people have assumed that everything has already been discovered.

Take the case of the coleacanth Latimeria, for example. This fish was thought to have gone the way of the dinosaurs at the same time that the giant reptiles went… well, the way of the coelacanths. However, during the first years of the twentieth century some of these fish were found living and thriving in the waters around Africa.

When an Englishman who happened to be a biologists found one of those and realised what he had in his hands, he sent that specimen back to the United Kingdom; when it arrived it was frozen and fairly intact, but nevertheless he had quite a struggle to convince his sceptical colleagues. And something similar happened when Westerners saw their first opossum; it was thought to be a fraud, a fake "built" suing parts from other animals like rodents and ducks.

There are incredible things in our world and we shall not feel intimidated by odds or the nature of randomness. If there is a chance of winning we should at the very least not discard the thought completely. If we do reject the possibility we can rest assured that we will never get a piece of any interesting cake, and opportunities will pass us by and go with somebody else.

Daring to take advantages of opportunities is one of the ways to define adventure.

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