The Wadi

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Pablo Edronkin

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There are individuals who judge others; in order to judge other people, there has never been a shortage of candidates and we have had our share of mismanered rednecks that seemed poised in just making beer-loaded critiques, but in life anything looking like someone is looking for fortune and a fortune in the oddest places is what really produces riches; explorers should leave talking to talking dung and do some more productive chores.

Just look at how crude oil is looked for at the bottom of the seas, among stones and even in the worst possible scenarios for the development of life, like in desert and arid areas.

In places as remote and uninviting as the deserts of the Middle East, unimaginable fortunes are made thanks to oil; the biggest oil reserves are under the sand, and as we know, oil is also known as black gold. It is perhaps perplexing to see people looking for that precious product in such a passionate way, and even countries going to war for it, but it is really worth a fortune. Under different circumstances, survival in such areas would be so difficult that people would get desperate, but geologists looking for oil there seem to be happy doing their job in some of the most inhospitable, cruellest and merciless places on Earth.

One kind of such places is known as a 'Wadi' in Arabic; Wadis are canyons formed in the ground by water that over time cuts the sand and stone like a knife, but Wadis do not always carry water in a visible way. So people walking thorough the desert who find a Wadi will almost certainly feel some enthusiasm on first sight, because the action of water there is self-evident; however, after descending laboriously into the canyon, they might get seriously disappointed, for there is only very infrequently that a water stream appears there in an evident way; it is a disconcerting and often demoralising experience.

However, you should start looking under the surface in a Wadi, for water often runs under the ground and might just become available if you dig a little. The same happens with gaming: when you gamble, most people will just see the money you put at stake, but nothing else; and as geologists get happy with Wadis because they know that they will find water and possibly oil too, good players should feel contended with the possibility of making a lot of money in an instant.

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