Archyteuthis, The Giant Squid

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Pablo Edronkin

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Luck never ceases to be luck, but depending on our attitude, we will determine it to a great extent, and how we will take advantage - or not - of what luck brings, is indeed nothing random. If we deny any possibility of having luck right from the beginning, then of course, nothing will happened and if it does, we will remain blinded to it and let it pass by.

We have to fight against the idea that having luck or experiencing something uncommon are just dreams because the world works differently than that. Since many centuries ago, legends described sea monsters of all kinds, including giant squids measuring about ten metres in longitude and capable of taking it against whales and boats; many witnesses swore that they saw these animals.

Cryptozoology is a science that developed around the idea of debunking or proving the existence of such organisms; however, in the specific case of giant squids, the myth proved to be reality after about two thousand years of rumours: several dead specimens have been found, and more recently, one giant squid alive was photographed as it tried to capture its prey at about 1.000 metres below the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

These major animals inhabit at great depths in the Pacific Ocean; there have been no recent reports about their presence elsewhere, but the chapter is not closed in this sense. However, it has been confirmed that giant squids live in areas as distant as New Zealand and Japan.

The samples of 'Architeuthis' that have been studied seem to be quite similar to smaller squids, except for the fact that these ones measure anything between 8 -12 metres. Some of these samples have been captured accidentally by fishing nets.

Anyway, the case of the giant squid proves that while scepticism is healthier to a certain degree, we should not close our minds to the possibility of winning.

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