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We ought to admit it: in our world, incredible things happen. Not only you can become rich in a casino or by means of winning the lottery; it is even possible to discover unbelievable things like an unknown animal, a new species, a treasure and even that the people that we think we know, really prove to be other people.

Cryptozoology is a science derived from zoology, and studies the connection between mythical animals and reality; beasts like dragons, Nessie and others are the objects of study of cryptozoologists, and believe it or not at first glance, there seems to be a connection, at least in a number of these cases, which means that such animals often end proving to exist in our real world.

The coelacanths found in the Indian Ocean, and the giant Squids of the Pacific have been found, photographed alive and even captured; there is scientific and undeniable proof of their existence.

And even in populated areas where humans have been for hundreds of years new species are still being found that before remained in total obscurity, like the Mekong sting ray, which was discovered only a few years ago. Thus, Sasquatch, the Patagonian 'Nahuelito,' the Yeti and other mysterious animals may prove to be real, after all, despite that we think that we have already identified all the major species of our planet.

It remains to be seen when explorers with open minds and sound scientific methodologies bring back some unquestionable proof of the presence of these living things. It would be adventure indeed, and there are people who have dedicated their entire lives to finding such treasures of nature, but the discoverers may also be just a family in their holiday RV.

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