Irukandis And Portuguese Frigates

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Pablo Edronkin

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Fotografía y Vídeo

Not all exotic animals are amicable, peaceful or useful for us; an encounter with a jellyfish like the Portuguese Frigate or the smallish Irukandi that inhabits in the Coral Sea, near Australia can be deadly even for adult people.

In the coasts of northeastern Australia the danger poised by medusae is so great that nets have been placed in areas where bathing is allowed, while at some superb beaches, getting into the sea is strictly prohibited because of the long tentacles of these little animals.

Of course, they don't do this to humans on purpose; it is not an excess of aggressiveness but just how they are after the work of natural evolution. In the case of jellyfish, they don't even have a brain to become aggressive with in the first place; however, as humans explore and advance further into what was until now virgin territories, we will continue to confront cases such as these, and others as well.

In Africa, and particularly in the area of Congo, the jungle remained mostly unexplored so far, but people are venturing deeper into it as population expands; it seems that this particular jungle is hiding a lot of treacherous things, for AIDS, the Ebola and Marburg viruses, as well as other epidemics come from there.

Some conspiracy theories have already appearing: these state that bacteriological mass destruction weapons have been tested in the area in the past in secret labs and now we are seeing the results. There is no proof of that, but what it is true is that about forty-five years ago, a biochemical lab did some research on the production of polio vaccines.

Many ethical aspects of that particular work have been questioned and there is very serious evidence that suggests that the HIV virus appeared there after a forced vaccination campaign with prototype vaccines produced by experimenting - and mercilessly killing - chimpanzees that in some cases, seem to have carried the SIV virus, very similar to the one that produces AIDS.

The case is not closed yet, but the true fact is that as we explore and venture into the last remaining mysterious territories in our world, the jackpots that we may still hit are not precisely what we would get as prizes.

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