How To Stimulate The Intelligence Of Domestic Animals (II)

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Pablo Edronkin

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It would eventually produce important effects for animals, but it would benefit us humans with a better understanding of a period of our history as species. Such an experiment would not be contrary to ethics, it would not cause any harm to the animals involved and would have a very low cost because essentially it would imply maintaining a research structure similar in size to a farm.

A companion during one of ou expeditions.
A companion during one of ou expeditions.

The key for success for such an endeavour, that may be active for hundred years or more, would be to get an adequate long-term financial capability which should be independent from political tensions and agendas that usually hamper most scientific projects in shorter periods of time. Superior animals, and particularly our domestic friends have potential to develop over extended periods of time some degree ob abstract intelligence not unlike that which we have.

He knows too that something is going on with the camera.
He knows too that something is going on with the camera.

We are trying to understand the first part of our species as intelligent beings by means of palaeontology, history, archaeology and anthropology, and at the same time, now enjoy the knowledge, capability and means to create experiments to increase our understanding quicker and probably at a fraction of the cost. We should not let such an opportunity pass by.

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