How To Stimulate The Intelligence Of Domestic Animals (I)

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Pablo Edronkin

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Did you ever thought about stimulating the intelligence of animals by treating them as human beings?

We know that some mammals - particularly apes, primates and domestic animals - possess intelligence. Considering this, and the fact that many of these beings have been interacting with humans since the late Palaeolithic period, it would be interesting to see if we could organise a systematic research programme consisting of a multi-generational study intended to find out if these animals could in fact be educated and evolve not simply as pets but as true individuals, and trying to kept them within a social structure of families or tribes, if that may be applied as term to define the situation.

The cat: Not so wild after all.
The cat: Not so wild after all.

Genetic evolution is one thing that would take huge amounts of time to produce such an effect, but perhaps these animals could undergo social evolution, which may take less time and effort. It is probable that at least in the case of domestic animals that are already interacting and receiving lots of stimuli from humans, high degrees so social and individual advancement may be attained.

The cat is also pondering what the cameraman is doing.
The cat is also pondering what the cameraman is doing.

taking into consideration what we already know from these animals, they can recognise a number of words; they cannot communicate verbally but they can do so using other means, albeit in a limited way, and they possess some qualities, as they are now in their evolutionary stage, that are fundamental to understand the evolution of the human being. Indeed, we would not end with cats having tea after such an experiment, but after a number of decades it would provide important zoological and anthropological information.

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