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The Victory Of Heuchuknhayin - Games and tournaments form part of every human culture; in all times and places, humans tend to play.

The nature of gambling is the nature of humans - Within the context of our society many different forms of betting, gambling, bidding and winning prizes have evolved over time.

The heterodoxy of Hawaii - Contrarily to common beliefs related to the islands, the original physiognomy of Hawaii was very different to today's popular images, and there are other weird things related to them that only a few know.

Are aliens coming in UFOs giving us part of our technology? - It is a common belief that aliens coming from UFOs directly or indirectly gave the world key technologies... but did they?

Ghost towns: Signs of human activity - An abandoned site or region may have been populated or visited by humans in the recent past; in terms of survival, this implies that in such places would be possible to find some additional resources.

Progress or just change? - We should think again about our definition of what progress is because we might be having a simplistic view of things. Today we speak of progress in terms of economic growth, advances in science and technology but do these aspects of our existence define progress in its entirety or are they just discrete parts of it?

About Swine Flu And Discrimination - Imposing quarantines over areas affected by some sort of plague is nothing new; doing so for other reasons isn't new either.

Monkeys And Dinosaurs? - Did monkeys share the world with dinosaurs? Are they sharing it now?

The Baluchitherium of Chapman Andrews - The idea that monsters do exist comes probably from the finding of fossil remains long before their original was scientifically explained for the first time, around 1850 when the science of palaeontology was born, but aside from the fact that we know the origins of those bones turned into stone, they don't cease to fascinate us. Moreover: dinosaur fossils are extremely valuable, surpassing millions of dollars in net worth.

Exploring Or Robbing? - We should not confuse explorers with tomb robbers; a person who explores may have different goals, including finding a fortune, but keeps within the framework of a certain type of ethics.

Morganucodon, Our Oldest Mammal Ancestor - If you ask a zoologist what would define or characterise most mammals, he or she would probably talk about their dentition, which has characteristically three different types of teeth combined: incisive, canines and molars.

Science Or Scavenging? - The most extraordinary way to win the lottery - or something like that - is to find a new or valuable fossil from an unknown or barely studied species: A well-preserved dinosaur skull can easily command prices ranging into millions of euros, but that's not necessarily good for science.

Fossils May Kill Classroom Boredom - In order to make things easier for everyone, I think that teachers should try to put themselves more in the place of their students than seeing themselves as individuals trying to control by persuasion and extortion a mass of reckless, dumb and acne-ridden slobs; that would make life easier for everyone.

Notes On Picking Fossils (I) - Picking fossils may be interesting, but sometimes is agaist the law, especially if the extraction is intended for sale.

Stories About Our Natural History - One of the topics that fascinated me the most was the history of Earth, and this is why here I present you some links to pages where we tell about things that might seem as mere details to some, about the evolution of some species and changes in our world, but that in reality, show the unsurpassable elegance of things.

Creationism Is A Belief And Not A Scientific Theory - Creationism is absurd, but not because it contradicts a scientific dogma like the ideas we have on the evolution of species, but because it pretends to force reality to fit a model of beliefs.

Creationism Versus Respectable Science and Belief - I think that what is true is simple and does not need neither so much activism nor twisted interpretations of science, law and so on; if creationism is unable to convince the modern human about the origin of life, it may just be that it should be forgotten altogether as a way of respecting both science and belief.

The Alleged Theory of Intelligent Design Does Not Belong To Science, And Not Even To Religion - These crude, subdued attempts to shape other people's thoughts since childhood on the basis of lying have nothing of science, and nothing of religion and love for God; it is just fanaticism.

A brief reflection on science and your vocation - Something to think about science and all other vocations; convince yourself that you should pursue what is calling you.

Science and the wild - Something to think about science, the wilderness and those who are against knowledge and the environment.

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