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Australia: People With AIDS Need Not Apply

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Recently, Mr. Howard, Australia's Prime Minister stated that he would not like to let in immigrants infected with the AIDS virus.

This is an enormously complex matter that I think that people interested in survival matters should think about because of its implications in terms of future, plausible scenarios that might arise considering the current situation around the world, meaning that it could become a test case for legislation that could potentially regulate the transit of refugees fleeing epidemics and even contamination by mass destruction weapons.

From a purely humanitarian point of view, what the PM said or implied is enormously cruel because it implies the political will to refuse assistance to the needy. But seeing the matter from a survivalist standpoint, what this gentleman said appears as logically correct because his country is in no contractual obligation to amend the mistakes of other countries or societies. Indeed, accepting ill people into the country could mean increased health costs for people that make no contributions, and also, such people constitute potential sources for the spreading of any sort of infection, a fact that will only bring more trouble to the country.

The argument in favour of helping those infected with AIDS is moral and religious; from any other point of view there is no reason to do so, and Australia, as a sovereign nation, is perfectly entitled to determine who is authorised to pass its borders and who is not. However, as I stated, this might be a test case for things to come: What would happen after a mass of potentially dangerous survivors try to migrate out from an infected area? What kind of legal attributions will states have to enforce quarantines?

And in a more blunt but effective way to exemplify this, let me ask you: What would you do if - say - you are a survivor from a sunken ship, you are occupying alone a boat and other survivors floating around, infected with bubonic plague ask you to help them? What kind of answer your God would like?

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