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White Rhino - For U.S. Players Too! - Go out in search of the elusive white rhino, with RealTime Gaming's new feature-filled, safari-themed slot.

Entertainment and winnings with no worries - "No Worries" is a traditional 5-reel, 20-payline video slot that now comes in a multi player variant, with interesting prizes and bonifications.

A Leprechaun-themed slot game also for players from the USA: Lucky Last - Top o' the morning to you! The luck of the Irish shines upon you in Lucky Last, a fabulous Leprechaun-themed slot game from Real Time Gaming. Coins are grouped wilds on reels 1 and 5 that count for all other symbols except scattered Shamrocks, and double the prize if they appear in a winning combination... and players from the United States are welcomed too!

Gold Factory Video Slot - Gold Factory Video Slot is a 5 Reel, 50 Payline Video Slot, with a Wild substitute and a scatter which triggers a Multi-Level Bonus Game. 3 or more Scatter anywhere on the reels triggers the boiler Room Bonus which allows 4 picks. Picking the special symbols in this Bonus can grant you entry to the Reactor Bonus game and or the Free Spins Bonus Game.

All Slots Casino's New Game Combines Popular Gaming Styles - Jacks or Better, the first in a new Reel Play Poker series. A 5 reel video slot with symbols made up of a 52 card deck. This is a Hybrid between a video slot and a Poker game. The player can hold reels of their choice in an effort to create more winning combinations.

Mice Dice - Welcome to the cheesiest venue in town, where the rodents call the shots and there's not a mousetrap in sight.

Sterling Silver Video Slot: 3D Realism And Sterling Rewards - Based on a popular 5 reel, 25 pay-line slot, the artwork is positively dripping with the valuable metal in glistening silver symbols that offer the player a diversity of winning ways to add real value to a memorable entertainment experience.

It's a Mystery Video Slot - There's no mystery about the big wins on offer in this thrilling Feature Guarantee 25-line murder mystery-themed slot game, availabel also for players from the USA.

Power Spins - Sonic 7s Is a 5 Reel, 9 Payline Video Slot With New Features - Power Spins - Sonic 7s is a 5 Reel 9 payline Video Slot with Scatters and Wilds and a new Power SpinsTM Feature that is played at an extra bet and on max lines.

Urban Survival And The Lottery - Despite that it might appear unlikely at first, our daily life and our long term survival seem like a lottery.

Baccarat - USA Players Welcomed! - This long-time favorite of the upper crust and gaming elite is an elegant and easy-to-master game of chance - USA players welcomed!

Vegas Three Card Rummy - USA players welcomed! - Named after the city of excess, Vegas Three Card Rummy(TM) challenges you to keep things under control by scoring low to win big - USA players welcomed!

Cliché: Who Said That Life Is Fair? - Asking oneself argumentatively whether anyone said that life should be just or fair is a way to admit defeat without consideration to the proven fact that any situation, no matter how dire it might seem, can be turned around.

Las Vegas Blackjack Promo -

USA Players Welcomed! - Blackjack is a classic game of strategy that pits you against the dealer in a contest to see who can score closer to 21 points without going over - USA players welcomed!

Gambling And Sex In Space - Outer space is still a privilege, only for a few, but as years pass and the activity evolves, new problems have risen and others will rise in the future, for the concern and enjoyment of space travellers and their sponsors.

Boy King's Treasure - Unearth the right symbols and Boy King will share his vast treasures with you.

The Jewels That Always Were There - Practically speaking, you can find all sorts of gems and valuables all around the world thanks to the monumental changes that took place over hundreds of millions of years. Of course, if what you are looking for is just to make some quick money, you would be better off playing in a casino, but with a little patience and knowledge, you can find gems and treasures almost anywhere.

Cliché: Nothing Will Happen To Me - This cliché is particularly common among lovers of extreme sports and other risky activities; these individuals generally fall prey of their reckless self-confidence and, of course, end up badly bruised.

Urban Survival: Reduce The Number Of Bank Accounts That You Have - Why pay more if you can get the same results for less? But there are more reasons to have less bank accounts, starting with the fact that simplicity helps our finances survive.

Adventurers and Travellers - Visiting London And Other Places On Different Epochs - Today the most frequent negative comment among London visitors is that at the capital of the United Kingdom things are horribly expensive; other frequent complaints include overcrowding during rush hours and the cost of lodging... but it wasn't so a long time ago.

Adventurers and Travellers - The Crossroaders - The term "crossroader" belongs to the gaming jargon of the United States and means "cheater", plain and simple; however, it is applied not just to dishonest gamblers but to any sort of cheater in any sort of game. The word comes from the saloons and gambling parlours of the wild, wild west.

Exobiology's Roulette - It is a statistical fact that as the number of iterations of any probable event increase, odds tend to become something more like certainty than anything else; so, in an universe that were really infinite there would be no odds but certain things, and assuming that ours is just that, then in order to expand our knowledge and understanding about it we should start to assume that some things, like the probability of life outside Earth, should be considered as a fact.

The Casino Of Meteorology And Life On Earth - If you think about thunder and thunderstorms, far from seeing them as threatening, you should see that they are beneficial and luck bringers; without them, life on Earth would have never appeared or developed.

Science Or Scavenging? - The most extraordinary way to win the lottery - or something like that - is to find a new or valuable fossil from an unknown or barely studied species: A well-preserved dinosaur skull can easily command prices ranging into millions of euros, but that's not necessarily good for science.

Archyteuthis, The Giant Squid - Luck never ceases to be luck, but depending on our attitude, we will determine it to a great extent, and how we will take advantage - or not - of what luck brings, is indeed nothing random. If we deny any possibility of having luck right from the beginning, then of course, nothing will happened and if it does, we will remain blinded to it and let it pass by.

Treasures That You can Find - Aside from playing at a casino, inheriting a fortune from a rich uncle, or something like that you can make good money if you find the fossil of a primitive bird.

The Morals Of Coleacanths And Opossums - Winning prizes, the lottery, finding gold or precious stones, exotic animals or uncovering mysteries are things that people often assume to be myths, but they can be quite real indeed.

The Nature Of Gambling Is The Nature Of Humans - Within the context of our society many different forms of betting, gambling, bidding and winning prizes have evolved over time.

Games and tournaments - Games and tournaments form part of every human culture; in all times and places, humans tend to play.

The Riches Hidden In The Interior Of Our Planet - It is interesting to speculate about how much we could probably win by gambling, but at the same time we are standing in a world full of riches that we are perhaps unable to discern; within the arcane world of those interested in geology and all its related sciences, there are some more or less serious hypotheses related to that.

How To Win At The Races, The Lottery, At The Bingo Or Casino Everyday Without Paying A Dime - It is simple indeed: you should either be the owner of a casino, or read this article.

Forever Dice - One of the things that was believed to be the cause of the Black Death was sin in all its forms; and one of the sins was of course, gambling, especially dice games of various forms, which were commonplace in crowded streets and dark corners of every kind.

Travel, casinos and other purposes - Sometimes, travelling may not be the best option after all.

We Will Die Tomorrow, We Survived Yesterday, So Let's Have Fun! - The passion for games of all sorts could have finally disappeared after so many years of medieval doctrines of religious devotion; nevertheless, the Black Death came and revived all what priests have fought against in this regard, and soon they found themselves in need of making good use of betting money in order to assure the survival of society itself.

Bet Till You Drop... Some People Really Meant It - Clippers going from China to the UK competed ferociously against each other, and when steamers were finally ready for oceanic travel, people began betting on them too!

Sometimes You May Hit an Empty Jackpot - Sometimes the most coveted things prove useless once people get them, either because the really worthwhile thing about coveting something was the desire itself, but not the object; and sometimes the problem lies in the fact that people believe untrue things about what they covet and want.

A Brief Description Of Monaco - Monaco is a very curious little place where ancient history mixes with business, money and hedonism.

In-Flight Entertainment Or The Hell Of Boredom - The next time you go out to fly, even if it is not in places like Scandinavia, Patagonia or Kamchatka, think in advance and save yourself from the hell of boredom if you have to land in the middle of nowhere.

Gambling and Charity - Let's face it: many people will not spend in books and education what they throw away with the dice; so instead of having that money really thrown away, let's use it to buy books.

About Leaders, Casinos and American Football - One of the things that any leader should avoid is the belief that problems would turn to solve themselves automatically; this 'Casino Mentality' puts any organisation at the mercy of fortune and this makes impossible any sensible planning.

The Story Of Rype - Life has some surprises in store for the most unlikely individuals, and as Borges would have it in his Lottery of Babylon, you get the prizes that come to you, and you can't refuse them, good or bad as they might be; one day you may be living a splendid childhood, and the next one, you may watch everyone around you pass away; you may survive as a savage, and then become a millionaire.

Adventure, Gaming And Gambling - A short essay on the reasons for people under extreme circumstances, like soldiers in combat, soon start gambling.

Riding Horses With Poker Cards - How poker became not only a game but an icon of cowboys.

Horses And Entertainment Thorough History - Since the time of the Accadians, horses have been pets, machines, and entertainment stars.

A Brief History Of Keno - How governments can behave in a very strange way when it comes to define gambling, betting and playing games in general.

Gambling And The True Adictions Of Today - So, why is gambling judged so harshly when after all, it depends on an individual's decision? You gamble willingly and that's bad, but you work until you drop, nobody pays you, they fire you anytime, and that's right?

The Origins Of Equestrian Competitions - The first competitions involving horses go back to the advent of the light chariot, especially as related to its military uses and the need for training both charioteers and horses.

Gea's Gold Pattern (I) - If you ever imagined yourself printing your own money, read this.

In Latin America, Soccer Is More Important Than Human Rights (I) - An essay on the failure of new democracies of Latin America to deliver real results for the people.

A Lesson From The Coach (I) - Picture this: the beginning of the football season. The coach holds up a familiar object...

The Black Market - One of the consequences of the prolongation of any sort of state of exception or survival is the apparition and development of the black market; survivors and survivalists should know what it is and how to operate because having to participate in it may be a probable scenario.

A Losing Bet: Price Controls In Urban Survival Scenarios - People that have to survive in ill-managed economies often find themselves suffering the consequences of the very stupid idea that consists in thinking that you can control by law and decree what follows trends established by natural forces within any society.

The Elastic Moral Principles Of Survivors - People living under authoritarian regimes or states of exception know all too well that moral, political and legal principles are elastic truths, flexible, used by the government to justify actions against its citizens; but this state of flexibility can be advantageous for surviving too.

Extreme Paintball Games - Characteristics and practical advice, tactical, technical and strategic hints to help you fight better in war games.

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