The Pilot's Bet

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Pablo Edronkin

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Betting happens even with aircraft wheel.

An airplane is not a car but almost in all cases they have wheels used for taxiing in the ground. When the airplane takes off the wheels are no longer used and fast aircraft have devices that retract the landing gear to reduce aerodynamic drag and increase speed. Short before landing the gear is lowered, the aircraft touches the ground using it, taxies to the apron or ramp, and then stops.

Crews have found many years ago a way to have fun using these simple things that most people take for granted, and the whole business is really simple: on a wheel coloured marks are made, corresponding to each person that will place a bet. This is done before departing, of course.

Then, after the ship lands, they get off and go to their own wheel of fortune in order to see which - if any - of the marks is close or touching the ground; that determines who is the winner, and there is some pretty heavy betting going around those wheels.

Simple, discrete and effective.

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