Don't Put All Your Eggs Into The Same Basket

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Pablo Edronkin

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That is what Yousouf Ishmaelo learned in the hardest possible way.

Betting means staying informed about the events of the world and learning from lessons that others learned in harsh ways. This saves time and pain, so it is as important to learn from those that fall from grace as it is to do so from all sorts of winners, and such a case is that of Mr. Yousouf Ishmaelo, a wrestler from Turkey who, in 1898, was in a very successful and lucrative wrestling tour in the United States.

He was wonderful at his sport and he earned quite a lot of money, but when he finally had to go back home, he changed all his dollars for gold, since didn't trust money and he planned to take all his ingots with him, since he trusted no banks.

So he had a special vest made for him in which he put all his ingots, and so boarded the Burgoyne, a transatlantic ship that made the crossing of the ocean to Europe; but the ship had an accident and sunk. All the passengers made good their escape except Mr. Ishmaelo, who drowned because of the weight that he was carrying.

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