You Don't Have To Procrastinate Yourself

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Pablo Edronkin

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Great victories are attained by people who learned to bet in order to win, and not for those that coward behind the veil of certainty: procrastination is the worst prison of all because it is mental.

Sometimes you lose and sometimes you win; that's part of any game and seasoned gamblers and advantage players know that. But those that bet and gamble for a living know something, and not only in the magic realm of casinos, but while seeking any sort of objective, be it military or political, in business, sports, or in the academic world of science and ideas; those that go against the odds know that success is not random.

They know that odds certainly play a role in life, but they don't lay their cards like the casual gambler; instead, they act like the captain of a ship that depends only from winds hitting the sails to reach a safe port. Most people would just set off and go wherever those winds take them, but a real captain plays with the breeze, and even with the storms that he finds along his way, and they reach whatever spot on Earth they were looking for.

Those who dare win by accommodating to circumstances and turning the odds to their advantage. However, the first thing to do is to get accustomed to that, an d our advice is that if you want to win, you would better get accustomed to it because success and victory are not the products of chance, even when chance is involved.

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