Mary, The Counterfeiter

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Pablo Edronkin

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Who doesn't dare will never win and sometimes you have to bet heavily in order to get results and survive. That is the lesson that a young woman learned during the first years of the eighteenth century in Plymouth. Enter Mary Butterworth, who laundered and ironed clothes for other settlers, earning just some pennies to feed her family.

While she laundered and ironed, she learned how to make counterfeit bills of credit, and then she learned how to make them more realistic. One day she went shopping around Rhode Island and began giving a way her bills, and she found that they were accepted, and so she made more.

Eventually she partnered with a judge who, for a reasonable percentage, of course, would introduce more bills into circulation using official channels, and so Mary made good money but Rhode Island almost went into bankruptcy. The law finally tracked her down, but no official was in a position to prove anything, so she was set free, but under close surveillance.

Thus, the hard working mother of many wisely judged that the time had come to stop making bills, and with the money she already had collected and the knowledge she gained in distribution techinques, she started a new business selling food, with which she prospered until the thing became once more, big business. Now, that's a winning gambler.

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