P. Edronkin

Gambling And The True Adictions Of Today

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The goal of many modern explorers is to achieve a lot: fame, fortune and so on. Many explorers are looking for treasures and valuable things, like people keen on gambling, betting and wagering at the races, casinos, bingos and other parlour establishments dedicated to this particular kind of entertainment; so, both explorers and gamblers are willing to run into - sometimes - very high risks against all odds in order to win something precious.

Whether this is good or wrong, a bad habit or something commendable it is an entirely moral issue, and moral changes over time and distance. Still, the fact remains that in both activities many lose and a few win, but those who do come out as winners, can really strike gold and become rich. So, in my view, what you do with your money is your business and in fact, even running into the risks associated with gambling is far more healthy that what politicians and corporations are doing right at this moment.

Politicians live from their salary; that's the theory but is that so? You don't buy a Mercedes with a nominal government salary, and have you seen any politician who dies in poverty? And while this goes on, corporations go to restructuration after restructuration, firing people while politicians turn away from these issues or even applaud is as 'hard but necessary measures'; these companies don't pay salaries on time, they apply reductions in a totally discretional way and don't even pay the pension funds they formally agreed to pay. So now, they willingly and gladly received the retirement money from their workers but they are innocent of investing them badly!

At the same time, society says that gambling is bad, while in reality is a part of the entertainment industry that produces jobs for many people, and advancement and prosperity in many cities. It is true that there are some insane individuals that gamble in a compulsory way, but it is senseless to judge a whole industry because of some insane and mentally ill people.

Plus, let's see what means to be addicted: an 'addiction' is the consumption of something or the performance of some sort of ritual because something has generated a physiological need for that. Cigarettes, drugs and alcohol can generate addiction when some substances produced by their consumption to various degrees become indispensable for the body. Now: if you have a job where your employer - corporations or government - pays you with no regularity, they constantly say that they are in a critical situation and you have to collaborate by working more hours for free or at a discounted rate, and at the same time they show more profits all the while the instil fear among workers, talking about cutbacks and layoffs, then what's that?

Under such circumstances, you know that you are being scammed, humiliated and mistreated, but you still go on with that job because you need the money to live, to pay your mortgages and loans, and you slowly start to tolerate and accept that they might change the rules at any time. What is that if not an addiction?

So, why is gambling judged so harshly when after all, it depends on an individual's decision? You gamble willingly and that's bad, but you work until you drop, nobody pays you, they fire you anytime, and that's right? No wonder that society runs into so many problems.

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