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A list of articles and advice pieces dealing with all kinds of vehicles: aircraft, vessels and land transport means for conventional, sporting as well as military use.

Necessary but not sufficient for our environment - Hybrid cars, electrical vehicles or those based on new technologies area great advance for the protection of our environment, but if we don't also change our attitude, the benefits of new technologies will dissolve into the atmosphere.

What part of humanity could be saved in space? - The question of exploring and conquering other planets has been a rather frequent topic in discussions about the future, especially because that could allow humankind to survive in case of a planetary catastrophe. But what part of humanity would be saved in that case?

Let's Not Forget About Our Survival Gear While Flying Around - Flying often shouldn't lead us to forget that we are flying.

How Does An Airplane Fly? - This article has been thought for all those who want to know what goes on an airplane as it flies, how its instruments, systems and parts work and how do they keep the thing up in the air.

The Stress And Tiredness Of Pilots And Aviators - There is no excuse for not taking short vacations here and there thorough the year besides the traditional ones in summer and winter; among those who fly aircraft for a living, this should be the norm aside all existing regulations.

The Human Factors Of The Bestiary - The study of the incidence of human factors in accidentology, survival and aviation should not be limited to the environment defined by the crew or passengers; instead, it should encompass even very ignorant people capable of perpetrating accidents on their own despite their apparent lack of connection with the system.

Always Carry A Backup Compass, It Is A Matter Of Survival - A compass is not very costly, and carrying one as a backup tool may prove essential for survival if our primary navigation systems suffers a malfunction when we need it most.

UFOs Or Self Delusion? - Several governments have recognised the existence of unidentified flying objects but are we trying to see more than really is there?

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