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As a result of the popularity of our series of outdoor tips, we have decided to ease access to each article by means of this presentation and its links.

As years pass by and we make more trips, excursions and expeditions to all sorts of places our experience grows and by means of our logbooks and our minds we take notes and descriptions of the things that happen and the solutions that we find. So its the life of any explorer, guide or "conquistador". But these tidbits of knowledge would not acquire their real worth if we keep quiet about them so we decided to publish our ideas regarding survival, camping, orienteering, trekking, cooking and many other disciplines, fields and techniques, mostly thorough our blog.

What we intend with this brief article is to create a "hard cover" for all these tips and comments. If you are interested in such topics, first bookmark this page for future reference and then visit this link to read them. Enjoy!

Spanish Sierra
Spanish Sierra: Trekking in Spain.

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