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Ships and types of vessels described in the history of the Skowronek family.

The Caravel - The Caravel was arguably the first efficient, truly oceanic ship in history; there have been some remarkable voyages don in other types of vessels through history before the advent of the caravel, like the viking voyages to Greenland and North America, and the trip around Africa made by some Phoenicians on the service of an Egyptian Pharaoh, but the caravel had, nevertheless a more significant impact because it was the ship that enabled Europeans to expand their empires overseas, changing the world's geopolitical and cultural map.

The Carrack - The carrack was a versatile type of ship also know as nau; it appeared during the XV as the result of the research and development work of the Portuguese, who at the time were leading the world in naval technology; first used by Portugal and Spain, its oceanic qualities made it soon a design of choice for European nations and so it became one of the most influential ship designs of all times.

The Galleon - The Galleon is arguably one of the best-known ship designs in history and an icon of the age of sail; it evolved from the carrack or nau and perhaps other types around the XVI century and for many years it remained as the basic ship design of European naval powers.

S.S. Prinzessin Victoria Luise - The Prinzessin Victoria Luise was the first ship designed and constructed to be a holiday cruise; it had a short yet significant career.

M.S. Batory - M.S. Batory and M.S. Pilsudsky were two Polish passenger ships that began operating a few years before WWII; they belonged to the Gdynia-Amerika Shipping Lines Ltd company, and now constitute an important part of XX-century Polish history.

S.S. Olimpia - The S.S. Olimpia is the ship that Dimitri Edronkin and his family used to travel from Europe to Argentina after WWII.

S.S. Córdoba - The S.S. Córdoba was a passenger ship especially fitted to transport immigrants as Argentina became one of the preferred destinations of Europeans leaving the Old World after WWII.

Canary Is.
A view from the main deck of S.S. Córdoba in Canary Is. on a trip from the UK to Argentina; H.A. Braun, 1948.

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