What kind of people would an explorer from another world try not to meet?

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Pablo Edronkin

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If a spaceship with aliens from other part of the universe would come to our planet and enter a low Earth orbit in order to observe us, where would they find the most savage humans?

This would make a lot of sense as a question for any exploration leader: It is evident that before landing, risks should be properly assessed and understood. So, what could they do? They could see us using some sort of telescope, or they could enter our data networks and take a look at our history, or they could simply watch TV.

Without doubt, the leader of such an expedition would be interested in anything and everything, but in order to understand the risks involved in meeting us he, she or it would probably be less interested in the beginning about our ancient history than in current events, relative power ratios, recent history and future trends. So, he would look back at our resume for - perhaps - a hundred years.

And within that time span, the leader of such an expedition would see that we humans had our share of self-provoked disasters. He - we assume that we are speaking about a "he", although it could be she or it, of course - would learn a bout Stalin, Hitler, Lenin, Mao and the factions that took part in the most destructive events that happened in our planed within that span of time: the United States, China, Russia, Germany, Japan, France and the United Kingdom.

He would further see that two of those factions - what we know as countries - are no longer in the destruction business, so Japan and Germany would soon be taken out of the sample. But he would also see that two additional factions have already replaced them: Israel and its neighbours.

And among the remaining factions, it would be interesting for the alien expeditionaries to establish which ones would represent the highest danger in terms of both their destructive capacity as well as their intentions: Russia would certainly impress and disquiet them for the nation's arsenals as well as its bloody history, but since they and the Chinese have been quiet lately, they would have to be monitored but they seem to be at least thoughtful. Israel and its neighbours are quarrelling bitterly, but their troubles are relatively domestic, while the faction known as France seems to be not quite active in this regard, so, they could also be taken out of the picture.

And what is left? Two factions: the United States and the United Kingdom. These have been at war for decades, unabated, with a myriad of enemies. Considering that they call themselves "democracies" - a concept to be pondered aside by our alien friends - it becomes apparent that the people living in those nations just love destruction because they actually chose to be so. If there is something that could be seen constantly in the history of these two factions - or countries, as Earthlings call them - is that they have been fighting wars all around their planet against scores of enemies from which, naturally, they have nothing good to say. But as it doesn't speak well about a person to have more enemies than friends, it doesn't really speak well about a nation to have so many wars, from a place called "the Falklands" (other factions call it "Malvinas", so who's right?) to other place known as "Ulster", to "Vietnam", "Iraq", "Afghanistan" and so on, they seem to be poised to take part in destructive events all around the planet.

Strange indeed if they consider themselves to be "democracies", a form of government that implies that Earthlings solve their issues by negotiating. Clearly, those countries are not democracies despite the fact that they believe they are, for any sufficiently advanced society would act upon others in the same way that they would like to be acted upon by others, and not by force. At the very least, they are incapable of talking so the leadership that they want to have in their world is completely questionable. I other words: those in the so-called United States and United Kingdom are the most disunite regards other human beings. They are clearly very competent in technical and military terms, but more inept than average at solving disputes in a peaceful manner. They cannot be considered as the best Earthlings to talk to, save for starting an interplanetary war.

Simply nature; dawn in early fall, Patagonia.

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