Cliché: Who Said That Life Is Fair?

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Pablo Edronkin

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Asking oneself argumentatively whether anyone said that life should be just or fair is a way to admit defeat without consideration to the proven fact that any situation, no matter how dire it might seem, can be turned around.

This cliché is also expressed in other ways that manifest the same kind of resignation and surrender:

- "We are nothing."

- "Life gives it to you, and life takes it away."

- "Sometimes life just doesn't work."

- "There is nothing we can do."

- "Things are just like that."

- "Shit happens."

And there are of course other phrases expressing the same kind of indolence and - why not say it - cowardice; we cannot remember them all or better said, we have to wait for losers to tell us such things in the face of defeat because we are not the kind of individuals that surrender in front of tribulations just like that.

In our opinion, it is unhealthy to structure thoughts on clichés and common phrases to explain problems like quarrels and defeats in life like family feuds, the disruption of love relationships, the failure of dreams and similar events because they only conduct to a fundamental deception, which is to assume that life itself and its apparent randomness are responsible alone for our bitter moments when in fact, life is neutral, and while good and bad things could rain from above, what we do with them and how we solve our problems and turn them to our advantage is entirely our responsibility.

If life doesn't seem to work it is up to us to put it in motion. How can be so stupid to pretend that something intangible as life itself can be guilty for our mistakes? What is it? An evil ghost?!

In aviation it is assumed that accidents do not just happen as spontaneous occurrences but as the result of a series of mistakes or failures in a whole system. Even if a cup of coffee falls into the instrument of a plane, causes a huge short circuit and brings three hundred people down, while gravity and the lack of care may explain the fact itself, it is not enough: People that suffer deserve more than balmy excuses and so, engineers, confronted with such cases, will redesign panels to make them coffee spill-resistant, if necessary.

We do not fail an exam because that day life just didn't work but because we didn't study enough. We do not lose friends because quarrels appear just like that, but a reason, and if quarrels are repeated enough times then someone gets finally fed-up and gives up. It is coward and indolent in extreme to hide behind clichés in such cases, and it causes a lot of pain to those suffering the consequences because such attitudes add insult to injury that is easily perceived. That life works of ceases working in our favour or against us is an animistic doubt that doesn't fit in our rational world anymore and cannot constitute an acceptable dichotomy if the concept known as synergy has been grasped during education. Poor soul that one that doesn't understand it and is blind to the connection among things and facts of our existence.

Assuming that life itself is guilty for our problems is to run away from it and the responsibilities that we have towards ourselves and others. People that hide behind clichés like "life sometimes doesn't work" simply let down others and cause a lot of damage. So any person that has some self respect and pretends to act in ay sort of leadership role must not even think about clichés to explain problems and defeats because if they do, they lose all dignity until they become not much more than a poker card taken at random.

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