Why Ecothinking?

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Pablo Edronkin

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We should not be alarmists but the rate of extinction of animal and vegetal species in our world is probably as high as during the most cataclismic periods in the history of earth, so if we don't change our way of thinking we shouldn't count on our survival for long.

What would happen if we cause irreversible damage to our planet's vast ecosystem? Would Earth cease to exist? Indeed not, and this celestial body will continue orbiting around our sun, located in one of the silent suburbs of the Milky Way. From the upper atmosphere and out only a few would notice any change, and since our own expeditions in space are brave but still pretty modest according to the universe's dimensions and standards, our disappearance would not be transcendental. Maybe some hypothetical - but probable - interstellar travel coming from some other solar system would notice our environmental bankruptcy and would feel like us, after driving for hours along a straight desert road thinking about buying something to drink somewhere, only to find our desired stopover abandoned.

Bad luck, yes, but then, we drive further until the next stop to get our cold drink.

Then, instead of asking ourselves why we should start having ecoideas, why should we start putting the environment in front as a priority of power, nuclear weapons and politics, we should ask why haven't we don that yet or why we are not thinking seriously about doing that now.

And that doesn't have to star within our leadership, in our government offices. It has to start at home, at our dinner table because we vote what we are. And all people in the world have to think about that.

Bush was voted in the U.S. because people there just love to go to war. Indeed, no one likes the consequences of war, but getting into one is like going to have sex knowing that a venereal disease will surely come after; enjoy now, pay later, and you see that even in the excessive consumerism of that particular society.

Latin Americans have horrible government because to be honest, Latin America has a horrible social culture and even the alleged solutions to these horrible and arbitrary governments end up being horrible as well, be them liberal, conservative, communist ot whatever because they are implemented by the same people with the same horrible background.

In Asia, human life tends to have little value and the environment even less. Just go to Indonesia to see all those fires around, or the smog in Chine, for the sake of the same progress that is sinking our planet into disastrous future environmental conditions. The Japanese are still thinking why someone took the bother to throw two nuclear bombs on them because in their view, thing like the murderous construction of the Burmese railway never took place or has been exaggerated.

We Europeans seem still unable to wipe svastikas out of our heads. We patronise the whole world, telling everyone how to live while we still don't seem to get the notion of how to live peaceful among ourselves. The events in the Balkans and incidents such as those that take place in buses and trains when a couple of immigrants get beaten to death from time to time are little windows that let anyone brave enough to look into our true self.

Among Muslims the hate against Western culture continues unabated but no one seems to know exactly why or how to solve the problem; instead, some think that the way to solve the issue is to cause it, which seems contradictory but what the hell, you can always say that some holy man or Allah himself told you to do so. There are many complains and bickering about the way in which the Israelis answer the enthusiastic deeds of entrepreneur terrorist that from time to time put a bomb in some street inside Israel. Thinking that war is like a football match in which everyone has to answer with the same ball, those enthusiasts repeatedly find themselves upset and disillusioned when they find out that instead of some home made bomb the Israelis retaliate with a full scale military campaign that leaves everyone thinking "it's not fair" despite the fact that no one seems to be able to find a rule where it says that war is a game in which teams have to play in the same way.

And then, there is Africa: The wanted independence a couple of decades ago, right? Well, it is clear, as hurtful as it might seem, that they were far better either as colonies or in the Neolithic.

So, this is our world. Don't we need to thin a little bit more ecologically?

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