Hunting is a myth for most survivors and survival situations

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Pablo Edronkin

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Broadly and superficially speaking, it becomes obvious that hunting could be a helpful activity in any survival situation, but in the same way as people wouldn't let a bunch of cannibals hunt them for lunch, animals will never make it easy for you to kill them. So, hunting will always require the consumption of resources that are usually scarce in survival situations and you should evaluate things in order to decide whether it would be profitable to hunt or not.

Animal tracks and survival.

Let's put aside the discussion about the morality of hunting for a moment; we will not enter now in the debate between those that think that hunting is a sport, and those that think that hunting is an act of needless cruelty. We will deal only with hunting as a survival technique and think a little about its validity in that realm only. So, adopting this rather narrow but necessary view under certain circumstances, we could start arguing that hunting is in fact, a way to gather useful resources for staying alive. It is neither a show of marksmanship neither a way to collect trophies.

Hares and Footprints: Hunting for Survival.

Seeing the issue in this way it becomes apparent that hunting is so valid for survival that it should possibly become the first option to gather food and that there will be little trouble since humans are more intelligent than animals. However, experience and reality seem to suggest otherwise, and even under desperate circumstances, hunting is not the kind of activity that just about any kind of survivor should attempt to get involved into, for several reasons:

The hunter could easily become prey, and not just thinking about big game, but even bugs: A spider, under certain circumstances, could be deadly for a human.

Lack of experience: If you don't know how to hunt with those weapons included among your gear or your survival kit, improvised or expedient weapons, or even traps; if you don't know how to hide your body scent and so on, your prey will simply not fall into your killing range and you will end up consuming more energy trying to hunt some little furry creatures than what you would get by eating them.

You could cause an ecological disaster: If the area where you as a survivor stay is somewhat limited, like in an island or atoll, you should be extremely careful managing the resources at hand. If you hunt too much, your actions could have a serious impact on the local food chain and not only you will lose your intended prey, but other animals as well, and even plants that depend on those animals for reproduction. The menace of a local ecological disaster is very real in such places.

Survival kit.

As many other things that are often very well explained in survival manuals, hunting is something that needs practice and experience; waiting for a survival situation to learn is not the best way to guarantee success. You should practice hunting before. If you don't know how to hunt, don't count on hunting for survival. There are other options for survivors that don't know how to hunt, like gathering plants or insects, arachnids and so on; this could also be considered hunting if you stretch your arguments, but it isn't, save exceptions, because it normally does not require the same level of skills.

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