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A centuries-old family of rabbis and community leaders.

"In matters concerning justice there can be no distinction between big problems and small; for the general principles that determine the conduct of men are indivisible. Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted in important affairs." - A. Einstein.

The Weil family originated about seven centuries ago. Rabbi Yaakov ben Yehuda Weil was the firs person that carried this family name - that is, he was the patriarch of the Weils. He was born in the late years of the XIV century in Weil, near Stuttgart. However, the origins of the family still remain unclear[258]. Other famous members of this dynasty of rabbis include MaHaRam Moshe Meir Weil[1.472] and his grandson Nathanael Weil[1.471].

As in the case of other celebrated rabbinical dynasties, even its more prominent members like Nathanael suffered persecution and had to move from town to town one or two times in their lives. This means that even in their cases doubts might arise about the documentation regarding their lives because as Christian authorities expelled Jews they usually confiscated or destroyed records. What is for certain is that they mixed early with the Rotenberg family, and that there are more records concerning the Weil family in the United States than anywhere else despite that indeed, they did not originate in the U.S.

There are two possible explanations for that: A higher level of prosperity of the Weils that migrated to the United States, which translated into a higher rate of fertility and lower mortality as compared to their relatives that remained in Europe - that is, a higher survival rate in the New World -, or the existence of more records in the U.S. than in European countries, a fact that might be explained by a higher stability and less cataclismic events in the U.S. than in other countries where the Weil family lived.

Both things are possible: The New World opened many opportunities for people that were persecuted, poor or simply had trouble in Europe due to politic and economic instability. Those that migrated to the United States, Canada, Brazil, Argentina or Australia often found a much better environment. Survival was harsh only if you were willing to "go west" - that is, to explore and conquer yet unknown lands - but you could also stay n the already established cities and slowly prosper.

Since all these countries were prosperous and expanding at the same time, they offered choices for the adventurous and the yet more adventurous. Hence, the proliferation of a family name there, be it the Weils, other Jewish families, or people from anywhere in the world, could be explained in this way.

The other possibility is that a relatively large portion of the civil records in Europe were destroyed at one point in time or another: Pogroms, war, revolution, etc. played a significant role in the destruction of all sorts of historic objects and documents, and towns were that did not happen for any extended period of time between the X and the XX centuries are rather the exception than the norm.

In the case of Jews, considering the negative feelings of the general population that they suffered quite often, the destruction of records and objects of any value in historical terms is probably even higher than in other cases. Synagogues were burned down, houses were robbed and shops were sacked for ethnic and religious reasons, not to mention that Jews were quite frequently expelled from towns, provinces and countries. This impeded the movement of non-essential items such as furniture, books, many documents, etc. since it is often not possible to take them with you when your survival is at stake, even if authorities and mobsters allow you to take them, which wasn't often the case. The fact that Jews many times had to run for their lives only with what they were wearing also could explain why some documents might be lacking.

In the case of Polish and Russian records, this is quite frequent and you can expect only to find about 50% of them. In other European countries the destruction rate might have been a little lower, but very significant nevertheless.

So, with all these things being considered, these are the family names known to be related to Weil:

A: Aaron, Abel, Aberson, Ablon, Abraham, Abrahamson, Abramowitz, Adams, Adler, Afriat, al Badeh, Albinger, Alexander, Alkan, Allman, Alschuler, Ament, Andres, Anders, Appel, Armanovvski, Asher, Aschner, Assenheim, Auerbach, Auerhaan, August, Augsburger, August, Axelrod, Axman.

B: Babbit, Bach, Bacharach, Bader, Badner, Badt, Baer, Bagno, Bain, Bamberger, Banks, Bauer, Barchasz, Barnett, Baruch, Bauer, Baum, Baumander, Beck, Becherman, Beer, Belcher, Bender, Benedikt, Benjamin, Benny, Berger, Bergman, Berke, Berlin, Berman, Bernard, Bernheim, Bernstein, Berry, Bettin, Biberfeld, Bickard, Bickert, Bierig, Bikel, Binswanger, Birkenstein, Black, Blachman, Blanari, Blat, Blau, Blend, Blenke, Bloch, Block, Blum, Blumenthal, Blumgarten, Bodenheimer, Boettingheimer, Bollag, Bolson, Bompet, Bonito, Borger, Bormaster, Born, Boshwit, Boumsell, Bowman, Böhm, Böttingheimer, Bradley, Brand, Brandenstein, Brenner, Brass,Braun, Braunberg, Brauner, Bressen, Brichta, Brinkmann, Browning, Brull, Brylawsky, Brooks, Brown, Bruckner, Bruszt, Brüll, Bruml, Buchdahl, Buirekant, Bunzel, Buresh, Burgess, Burgheim, Burkenroad, Burky, Burling, Buxbaum.

C: Cahn, Canter, Caro, Caroline, Caron, Carow, Casper, Castle, Caul, Cazakoff, Cerf, Cersonski, Charig, Cholemski, Churgin, Ciani, Cole, Cone, Conrad, Cooper, Courtney, Coszman, Cremieu, Crespo, Cukier.

D: Danese, Danziger, Davidsohn, Davis, de León, de Leeuw, Decker, Deitch, Dellevie, Demelmann, Demiany, Detweiler, Deutsch, Diener, Dilsheimer, Dinkelspiel, Dinner, Doctor, Dodge, Dover, Drexler, Dreyfuss, Druy, Dryfoos, Dryfuss, Dubbach, Dungan, Dunkelmann, Durlacher, Dyamant, Dyer, Dziadek.

E: Echstern, Eckstein, Eger - Gans, Ehresnstein, Eichegreen, Eill, Einstein, Eiseman, Eisendrath, Elfenbein, Elizabeth, Elkan, Elkisch, Ellman, Elson, Emanuel, Emerman, Emsheimer, Engel, Englander, Eppinger, Epstein, Erdynes, Erlich, Ettlinger, Evizotich.

F: Faber, Farber, Feibleman, Feichenfeld, Fein, Feldman, Feller, Fenster, Filene, Finkelstein, Fischel, Flax, Fleischacker , Flexner, Flibaum, Florsheim, Foerder, Foley, Fonteyn, Fraenkel, Frank, Frankenstein, Franklin, Freedheim, Freifeld, Freitag, Freud, Friedheim, Friedman, Frischauer, Frohmann, Fuchs, Funkstein, Fuss, Fürst, Furstenberg.

G: Gadon, Ganot, Ganz, Garfunkel, Garonzik, Gassner, Gelman, Gerson, Gerstenhaber, Gettleman, Gilbert, Glick, Glickstein, Glozman, Goetz, Goldenberg, Golder, Goldfarb, Goldfrein, Goldlust, Goldman, Goldschmidt, Goldstein, Goldstone, Gollowitsch, Goodman, Gordon, Gottschalk, Goudchaux, Graaf, Graf, Graubart, Grazzini, Green, Greenblat, Greengus, Greil, Greilsammer, Griesemet, Grinsfeld, Grosman, Gross, Grumbach, Grynberg, Guard, Guggenheim, Gunst, Gutman, Gunzer, Gut.

H: Haas, Hahnhardt, Halford, Halle, Hallheimer, Hamburger, Hamlet, Hammel, Handelsohn, Harris, Hartogensis, Harz, Harris, Haskel, Hauser, Hays, Heilbronn, Heinemann, Hellendall, Heller, Hendelsohn, Hene, Heng, Henle, Hermeline, Herold, Herschel, Herzberg, Herzfeld, Herzstein, Hess, Hesse, Heufeld, Heymann, Heymansohn, Heyn, Hilb, Hillbroner, Hirsch, Hirtenstein, Hofheimer, Hollander, Holtz, Holtzkiener, Hony, Horneman, Horowitz, Hubert, Hutzler.

I: Ingber, Isaacsohn, Isay, Israel, Itzkovitz.

J: Jadwin, Jaffe, Jakubi, Jakubowicz, James, Janetta, Jaretzki, Jaudel, Jershy, Johnson, Jonas, Joseph, Juda, Julius.

K: Kacer, Kadovitz, Kafri, Kahn, Kaiser, Kalman, Kantor, Kaplan, Kapp, Karger, Karlebach, Karlsruher, Karp, Kasten, Katschinsky, Katten, Katzen, Katzenellenbogen, Katzenstein, Kaufherr, Kaufmann, Kay, Kayton, Keibel, Kempte, Kessler, Kindberg, Kipfer, Kirchheimer, Kittredge, Klappholz, Klein, Kleiner, Kling, Klotz, Kober, Koburger, Koenigsberger, Kongberg, Kohlhagen, Kohlmayer, Kohn, Korngold, Kornitzer, Kraftlos, Krause, Krauss, Krebs, Kronheimer, Krysztal, Kun, Kupperschmidt.

L: Lachmanski, Laemmele, Laesch, Landau, Landmann, Landauer, Lang, Langfelder, Landsburgh, Lang, Lapinska, Lasker, Lasko, Laufer, Laupheimer, Leadman, Leczycki, Lefkort, Lehman, Leibowicz, Leipnik, Lenya, Leon, Leopold, Levi, Levinger, Lewenauer, Levitt, Lewis, Lewkowicz, Libermann, Lichtenstein, Liebschütz, Lifschitz, Lindauer, Lipmanson, Lipper, Lister, Livingstone, Lobman, Loeb, Loeser, London, Lorsch, Löwenberg, Löwenstein, Lucas, Lucille, Lurie, Lyon.

M: Maas, Maingard, Malinger, Mamelak, Mandel, Manela, Mansbach, Manson, Mako, Manley, Mansdorf, Marcus, Marcusson, Margolies, Margulies, Marquis, Martin, Marx, Mason, Masterman, Mattuck, May, Mayer, Mayor, Maxen, McLendon, McLinden, McManama, Medgyessy, Mecklinger, Medico, Meerappel, Meisels, Mendel, Mendez, Menke, Merkadeau, Metter, Meyer, Michaelbacher, Michaels, Miller, Milstein, Mindus, Montoya, Morais, Morawetz, Morein, Morgenstern, Morris, Moskowitz, Moog, Moos.

N: Nachman, Nadaner, Nahm, Nathan, Nason, Naumburg, Nayhan, Neuburger, Neustadt, Newding, Newman, Newmark, Novack, Nusbaum.

O: Oberdorfer, Odlum, Oettinger, Ogbolumani, Oksner, Oppenheim, Oppenheimer, Ostrow, Oswald.

P: Pake, Palans, Pape, Papper, Parker, Parsons, Patla, Pattin, Paysley, Pearlman, Pergola, Peters, Petrishin, Platowsky, Pfeiffer, Pflaumlocher, Phillip, Picard, Pollak, Pozmantier, Pressman, Preuss, Printz, Prosper.

R: Rabishaw, Radomski, Rapaport, Raphaer, Rascovar, Rathszesky, Rauh, Ray, Rayfield, Recht, Regensburger, Reiffenberg, Reinhart, Reiss, Rice, Rich, Richard, Ries, Riskin, Robinson, Rodal, Rojtman, Romaite, Roman, Romberg, Romer, Rotman, Rosenbach, Rosenberg, Rosenblum, Rotenberg, Rosenthal, Rosenwasser, Rospigliosi, Rostway, Rothschild, Rozen, Rozencwajg, Rubin, Rubridge, Ruckel, Rutman.

S: Sachs, Salomon, Saltzman, Salz, Sampliner, Sandler, Sarah, Savin, Schachtel, Schaffner, Schalsky, Schanfarber, Scharff, Schetina, Schlessinger, Schloss, Schlossmann, Schnitzer, Schnnurmann, Schochet, Schoenberg, Schoenhof, Schoenlank, Schor, Schuster, Schwartz, Scognamiglio, Segal, Seligmann, Serata, Shapiro, Sherman, Shire, Shulman, Sidola, Sigman, Silber, Silverman, Simon, Sinek, Sive, Singer, Sklarsz, Skurkowitz, Slivka, Small, Smith, Snell, Stern, Sokol, Solomon, Sonder, Spangenthal, Speiser, Speyer, Spiewak, Starrels, Steeg, Steinberg, Steiner, Steinman, Stern, Sternberg, Steuer, Stevens, Stix, Stodel, Strassburger, Strauss, Stumes, Sues, Suhl, Sundheimer, Swerdlow, Sykes.

T: Tannchen, Tartakov, Taub, Tauber, Taussig, Taylor, Teller, Tenenbaum, Teweles, Thalheimer, Thompson, Tobias, Tobin, Toeplitz, Trajster, Trent, Tuteur.

U: Uffenheimer, Ullman, Ulman, Umberg, Urunela, Urwand.

V: Valfer, van Dantzig, van Emden, van Herpen, Veselous, Victor.

W: Wachenheimer, Wahl, Wallach, Wardwell, Wassermann, Waxelbaum, Weekly, Weiland, Weinberg, Weiner, Weinmann, Weinstock, Weintraub, Weiss, Weissblüth, Weissmann, Werner, Wertheim, Westheimer, Wexler, White, Wickoff, Wildofsky, Wildstein, Wilkus, Williams, Wimpfheimer, Wiener, Wing, Winkler, Winokur, Winter, Winternitz, Wise, Woldchendler, Wolf, Wolfson, Wollheim, Wood, Woolf, Wormser, Wright.

Y: Young.

Z: Zacharias, Zandberg, Zaretsky, Zomper, Zuckerman, Zuntz, Zwilling, Zylberstzajn.

The Weil dynasty also contracted several marriages with other prominent dynasties such as Rotenberg and perhaps more notably, the Guggenheims. Indeed, several sons and daughters of Marrum Meir Weil[1.471],for example, married with several members of the Guggenheim dynasty. Similar associations took place with the Dreyfuss family both via the Guggenheim and Weil families.

Naturally, there might be people named Weil that have no connection with this rabbinical dynasty. They might not be Jewish at all, in fact. However, those named so and with rabbinical ancestry almost surely belong to this long-standing family. There are several variations of this family name, such as Vail, Wail, Weile, Weill, Weijl, Wihl, Weyel, Weiler, Weille, Weiller, Wyler, Weyl, Wile. The name Ball is also frequently assimilated to a variant of Weil.

Auth: P. Edronkin.
Royalty III, Pablo Edronkin.

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