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This family was connected for more than a century to the chief rabbinate of England, it originated in Frankfurt and is connected to the Schoenbergs in Alzey and Warsaw, as well to other families of the Gesinde.

"... If statistics are right, the Jews constitute but one percent of the human race. It suggests a nebulous dim puff of stardust lost in the blaze of the Milky way. properly, the Jew ought hardly to be heard of, but he is heard of, has always been heard of. He is as prominent on the planet as any other people, and his commercial importance is extravagantly out of proportion to the smallness of his bulk. His contributions to the world's list of great names in literature, science, art, music, finance, medicine, and abstruse learning are also away out of proportion to the weakness of his numbers. He has made a marvellous fight in this world, in all the ages; and had done it with his hands tied behind him. He could be vain of himself, and be excused for it.

The Egyptian, the Babylonian, and the Persian rose, filled the planet with sound and splendour, then faded to dream-stuff and passed away; the Greek and the Roman followed; and made a vast noise, and they are gone; other people have sprung up and held their torch high for a time, but it burned out, and they sit in twilight now, or have vanished. The Jew saw them all, beat them all, and is now what he always was, exhibiting no decadence, no infirmities of age, no weakening of his parts, no slowing of his energies, no dulling of his alert and aggressive mind. All things are mortal but the Jew; all other forces pass, but he remains. What is the secret of his immortality?" - Mark Twain[248].

The Adlers are linked to the Schoenbergs via the Joseph family, which is one of the cadet branches of Schoenberg (see The Royal Josephs) by means of the marriage of Hermann Adler[1.11] and Rakhel Joseph[1.12]. Hermann's father was Nathan Markus Adler[1.80] and his mother, Henrietta Worms[1.255]. In turn, Henrietta's father was Hirsch Moshe Worms[1.392], brother of Benedikt Moshe Worms[1.393], who was the husband of Schoenche Rothschild[1.394].

In turn, Schoenche was one of the daughters of Mayer Amschel Rothschild[1.151] and Guttle Schnapper (see Guttle Schnapper), who also belonged to the Eger family, from which many of the Warsaw Schoenbergs descend (see The Schoenbergs from Holland to Germany and Poland).

On the other hand, the parents of Benedikt and Hirsch were Moshe Gabriel Worms[1.395] and Hitzel Elsass[1.256] and she was the sister of Frederika Elsass[1.257], mother of Aaron Schoenberg, a.k.a. August Belmont (see Aaron Schoenberg).

Dr. Samuel Adler[1.399], son of Isaak Adler, rabbi of Worms[1.400], was also the first rabbi of the Alzey synagogue[62.3]. Samuel's son, Felix was a philosopher and professor of hebraic and oriental literature[1.401]. The Adler family of Rabbis also became very important in Great Britain during the XIX century.

The Rozen and Shteinziger testimonies (see Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony) demonstrate the link of the family name Adler with the Blat, Taub, Justman and Rozen families of Warsaw, among others, and the Adlers and Blats in Izbica, respectively. For example, Yokheved Rozen cites the assassination by the Nazis of Dov Adler[1.396] and Ita Brawer[1.397], who where cousins of the Rozens and Blats (see Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony).

The Jewish Encyclopaedia also states that the Adlers from Alzey were linked familiarly to the Worms and Rothschild families[63.9] and these were linked, in turn, to the Schoenbergs of Warsaw (see Rothschild and Schoenberg) which means that the Adlers from Alzey and Warsaw belong to the same Adler family.

These are some of the family names to which Adler is related[1][228]:

A: Abeles, Alter - Rotenberg, Arnstein, Aszkhenazi, Auerbach, Axelrod, Azdrubal.

B: Bacharach, Bader, Badmann, Ball, Bank, Beer, Becher, Bein, Berger, Berliner, Bibring, Biderman, Blat, Blau, Bloch, Borenstein, Brandeis, Braun, Brawer, Brill, Broch, Buchbinder, Buchsbaum, Bugad.

C: Chameides, Charag, Chochberg, Cukier, Cytryn, Czudak.

D: Daches, Danziger, Dawid, Doctor, Dragan, Dreyfuss, Dyamant.

E: Eibeschutz, Einstein, Eisen, Eisenberg, Ellingen aus Fürth, Elsass, Engel, Epstein, Erlich.

F: Fersztendig, Finkelstein, Fischer, Fiszsohn, Fraenkel, Frankfurter, Friedman, Fromer, Fuks.

G: Gelbard, Gelber, Ginsberg, Glikstein, Goldberg, Goldmark, Goldschmidt, Goldsobel, Goldstein, Goodman, Graf, Granat, Grosman, Grynblat.

H: Haberkorn, Hack, Hahn, Halpern, Hamburg, Hanau, Handler, Heller, Herszlikowicz, Heyman, Hochstaetter, Horowitz.

J: Jakubowitz.

K: Kahane, Kaliszer, Katz, Katzenellenbogen, Katzbach, Kessler, Klein, Klepner, Koenigswarter, Kohn, Kozak, Kurz.

L: Landau, Landstein, Langsam, Last, Lewinson, Lewkowicz, Leyfield, Liberman, Lichtenstein, Lifschitz, Löwenstein, Löwenwirth, Luden, Luria.

M: Macherowski, Mahler, Mandel, Mandelkorn, Marmurek, Maurer, Margolis, Mehlman, Meisels, Mekler, Melchior, Menkes, Meyer, Michel, Milch, Mintz, Mirels, Moldauer, Morgenstern, Moszkowicz.

N: Neubauer, Nowak.

O: Oettingen, Ofenberger, Ohringer, Okun, Oppenheim, Orenstein, Ostrowiecki.

P: Paryzer, Pasternak, Perel, Perelman, Perelmutter, Pollak, Popper, Poznanski, Ptasek.

R: Rapaport, Reiss, Riesser, Ringelheim, Rosenberg, Rosenblat, Rosenstrauch, Roth, Rothschild, Rotman, Rozen, Rozenkranz, Rubinstein, Rynkewicz.

S: Shapiro, Schaap, Schiff, Schiffman, Schorr, Schwabacher, Schoenberg, Schoenhaut, Schweitzer, Seiden, Siegel, Silberman, Smetan, Sofer, Speyer, Stang, Stark, Steinberg, Stern, Sternberg, Student, Szajman, Szerman.

T: Taub, Tauber, Teller, Tencer, Tenenbaum, Tochten, Tzina, Tyszler.

U: Unger, Urman.

V: Vogel.

W: Wagner, Waksberg, Warburg, Warszawski, Weil, Weinberg, Weintraub, Wertheim, Winter, Wolfram, Wolmuth, Worms, Wronke.

Z: Zaks, Zaydel, Zylbersztejn.

And for this brief paragraph, I ask you to switch off your common sense and logic mental processor - just trust me: Indeed, Adler is one of the names mentioned more often by different sorts of conspiranoics, as part of the alleged Zionist-illuminati-extraterrestrial-masonic apocalyptic and universal conspiracy against existence. Probably this comes out of the fact of the familiar relationship between the Adlers and Rothschilds, as well as the fact that the Adler family was very prominent during the XIX in the UK, as the Adlers became chief Rabbis of the British Empire and perhaps naturally, the same accusations that befell upon the Rothschilds touched the Adler family as well.

In this case it becomes apparent why these families often changed their names or were very discrete in their daily dealings. Once a family name belonging to the Gesinde became widely known it was more of a handicap rather than an asset in several respects, at least among non-Jewish circles.

These families, including Adler, enjoyed prestige among the local Jewish communities in several countries, and generally as well as among the local aristocracies. But for purely PR among the general public, more often than not it became not recommendable to use such names openly. Just remember that survival of the Jews often depended on others not knowing that the Jews were in fact Jews, so even names of high prestige were kept secret.

Since most Adlers descend from the Raphael family which - as we explained in other articles - is a cadet branch of the Schoenberg family that in turn, is equivalent to the Rothschilds in terms of the paranoia quotient, it is perhaps even understandable that ignorant people willing to see conspiracies everywhere have singled-out the Adler name as one of their most-loathed. The Adlers have been referred as one of the most dangerous among the whole group of evil world-crunchers... And now connect logic and common sense on again.

Indeed, this does not mean necessarily that anyone called Adler belongs to the same family; but considering that this is a Davidic name in Jewish tradition, it is at least probable that Jewish Adlers are indeed related to one another, or at least in the case of people named Alder that have rabbinical ancestors.

The name Adler produced some interesting, remarkable and famous people in several countries. Take for example, the case of Dr. Friedrich Adler and his parents.

Fritz Adler was an Austrian scientist and politician who became notorious and famous for murdering Count Karl von Stürgkh during the early years of WWI. He was a friend of Albert Einstein and a Jew. His father Viktor was a noted psychiatrist and politician, while his mother Emma Braun, was a writer who used pen aliases Marion Lorm and Helene Erdmann.

The first thirty five years of the XX century saw in Austria, Germany and other countries a lot of activity in cultural and political terms. Indeed, WWI took place and postponed for a while all this trends, but the mix of new scientific development, the rise of socialism in its different flavours, nationalist movements, and different artistic trends, movements and schools such as dadaism, surrealism and so on produced a great number of thinkers, researchers and creators of great impact in the world. Some of them were not widely known, such as Marietta Blau, while others, like Albert Einstein or Fritz Adler, became famous. Many of them were Jews, and others resented that fact: Marietta Blau, for example, could not obtain a paid academic position simply because being a woman and a Jew was too much for the academic establishment.

Viktor Adler was born in Prague and the son of a Jewish merchant form Leipnik, a city in Moravia. Emma Braun was from Debrecen, Hungary. She was alos of Jewish origin and also was the sister of Heinrich Braun, who, born in Leipzig, was a social democrat politician, publicist and writer, who married later became minister of agriculture in Prussia. Heinrich married Amalie (Lily) von Kretschman - Gizycki, often cited as Lily Braun, who in turn, was the daughter of General Hans von Kretschman. Her grandmother was Baroness Jenny von Gustedt, daughter of Jerome Bonaparte, king of Westphalia and brother of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Lily, as a feminist member of the German SPD, wanted economic freedom for women and the abolition of a number of rules like legal marriage that in her view, tied the lives of people. She was one of the first women that entered politics and became an iconic figure in the early steps of the struggle for equality among genders: women could not even hold academic positions at universities, vote, hold properties and so on.

Dr. Fritz, as he was known in Vienna, slowly evolved from a man of academia who took the same courses at college with Albert Einstein into a radical politician. At one point, despite that he enjoyed a life long friendship with Einstein and while he was in prison waiting for his execution - that in the end, never came -, he tried to refute the general theory of relativity. His relationship with Einstein was so close that they both lived at one point in the same building with their respective families and shared their time often.

His father Viktor tried to use the severe depression episodes that his wife Emma suffered during her life as well as some mental illness stories from the family tree to show that Fritz was mentally ill and thus save him from the gallows. The special tribunal assembled to judge him for the death of the minister found him to be a psychopath, but well aware of his acts. Only the end of WWI and the fall of the imperial government saved him.

Albert Einstein also struggled to save his friend. Fritz Adler was eventually sentenced to death, but the efforts of his family and friends - including Einstein, who even wrote to the Austrian emperor asking for a pardon - delayed the execution sufficiently, until after the end of WWI, Adler was pardoned and left jail as a socialist hero.

Quite possibly the fate of the Bolshevist revolution owes a lot to Viktor and Fritz Adler: They managed to get Leon Trotsky out of Vienna during the very first hours of WWI by means of contacts that they had in the government. They suggested that it would be a good idea that left-wing foreigners should leave the city immediately, before being arrested. In his later years, however, Leon Trotsky denounced Adler because Dr. Fritz was more moderate than what the leftists would tolerate: despite the adamant defence that he always enforced regarding the assassination of the minister, Adler seriously opposed to the Soviet government, its mock trials against alleged saboteurs and conspirators, and ultimately Stalin.

His career changes, mood swings and deep contradictions regarding democracy, socialism and the need to act against oppressing governments probably were the cause of his slow but unavoidable fall into obscurity. He died in the United States in 1960, but he barely played a role either in politics or in physics after 1930.

It is quite possible that this Austrian branch of the Adler family is also linked to the Gesinde, but we still need to confirm that.

Adler is a surname believed to be of Davidic lineage[18][231] (also see Overview of the Davidic Tradition) and its well-documented interrelation with other family names via various marriages shows pretty well how the dynastic concept of the Gesinde - even if the Davidic factor is not considered - worked over centuries to preserve the traditions and fortunes of the clan.

Dr. Felix Adler.
Dr. Felix Adler, U.S. Library of Congress, Wikipedia[232].

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