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Every family wanted to marry the Schoenbergs within the Gesinde, and there was a good reason.

"The Jews, however, are beyond all doubt the strongest, toughest, and purest race at present living in Europe; they know how to succeed even under the worst conditions (in fact better than under favorable ones) by means of virtues of some sort, which one would like nowadays to label as vices-owing above all to a resolute faith which does not need to be ashamed before 'modern idea'...

It is certain that the Jew, if he desired-or if they were driven to it, as the antisemites seem to wish-could now have the ascendancy, nay, literally the supremacy, over Europe; that they are not working or planning for that end is equally sure... The resourcefulness of the modern Jews, both in mind and soul, is extraordinary..." - F. Nietzsche[248].

Schoenberg is one of a few families - mostly Kohanim as well - within the Gesinde that can be counted as the oldest of the whole group. The family changed names a number of times (Sampayo, Sampayo de Belmonte, de Belmonte, van Schoenenberg, von Schoenberg, Schoenberg) and cadet branches (Raphael, Joseph, Emmanuel, Belmont) of it emerged as well; Portuguese genealogies place it as descending from Charlemagne[10][15] and also significant is the work of R. Gottheil concerning its history (see Notes on Richard Gottheil's book 'The Belmont - Belmonte Family').

In Portugal the family played a role in government (see Dom Lopo Vaz de Sampaio, Knight, Explorer, and Governor of India) as well as financing Portuguese naval expeditions (see The Age of Discovery and its Financiers.)

There are also descriptions of how the Sampayo family from Portugal reaches the Skowronek family several centuries later (see Ancestors of the Skowronek Family in Portuguese Naval Expeditions and Dom Iago de Sampayo y Belmonte) and a few names prior to the Charlemagne era; however, our criteria is that anything past his time should be taken with a grain of salt, historically speaking.

Moreover: Not all people named Schoenberg in the world belongs to this particular family, that while is Judeo - Christian because it has representatives from both religions over centuries, it is essentially Kohanim. There might be unrelated Schoenberg families elsewhere, and the same token applies for the surnames that are listed in these articles, which are related to this particular Schoenberg family. Not all people named so are related to these Schoenbergs.

If we go back to the historically-demonstrable beginning, the story of the Schoenbergs begins with Charlemagne and his immediate descendants. Then, after generations it connects with the Sampaio - or Sampayo - family in Portugal, and is in this context when the family name emerges as Sampayo de Belmonte, which was later "Germanized" into Schoenberg.

After leaving Portugal as a direct consequence of the Inquisition and surviving its persecution in pretty good shape due to its political clout, the family established itself in Hanseatic cities, like in the area around Amsterdam, Hamburg and Copenhagen. from there, two main branches emerged: one is that of Alzey (see Relatives in Alzey) and the other, Warsaw (see The First Shoenbergs in Warsaw and The Schoenbergs from Holland to Germany and Poland).

Meanwhile, Portugal and Spain lost in that way a good deal of their financial, creative and political elites, composed mainly of Jewish families (The Mother of all Mistakes) and in fact, at least in the case of the Schoenbergs, the expulsion seems to have been even more counter-productive (See The Skowronek Bankers in the XVII Century) as members of the Schoenberg family became plenipotentiary diplomats playing in favour of England and the States General of Holland. In Holland, the Schoenbergs attained the rank of "Oberfaktor", meaning that they virtually controlled the finances of the country around the XVII century. However, as Gottheil pointed out, it is very difficult to dig deep into the private lives of the Schoenbergs, since the family was always reclusive and secretive and it is also difficult to ponder the exact impact and influence that the Schoenbergs had in Portugal, Spain, England and Holland during that time for similar reasons. What is certain is that their influence in diplomacy among these European powers at the time was substantial.

The following family names became directly related directly to Schoenberg by marriage from the middle ages to the present following the male line back to Vasco Pires de Sampaio (Abt 1360 - )[1.273] and then other direct lineages, like the line of Maria Pereira[1.273] and back into the night of times ; both were my 17th great grandparents on that line. Then I follow again mostly the line of males only for reasons of relative brevity. Some of these family names link to Schoenberg more than once; there might be other family names not included in this list as well, and we have not included in this case transitive links (i.e. over one link directly related)[1][228].

A: Abdun, Abeles, Adler, Ajncer, Alper, Amserdam, Anderman, Arensberg, Aronson, Arronge, Ascher, Aszkhenazi, Atlas, Auerbach, af Sverige, Avihud, av Norge.

B: Babad, Babicz, Bach, Bacharach, Bacher, Bachenheimer, Baéna - Sanches, Bak, Ballin, Balter, Bamberger, Barlas, Barker, Baron, Basus de Bithynia, Baumgold, Begleiter, Beker, Bekerman, Benderman, Bendetowicz, Ben Ezer, Bergman, Berlinerblau, Berinski, Berenson, Bergel, Berlad, Besser, Beydar, Bialogora, Biderman, Bijowski, Bimka, Bing, Birman, Birnbaum, Blat, Bloch, Bloom, Blumenthal, Bochner, Bodenheimer, Boguslawski, Bojar, Bonk, Borenstein, Borowski, Boynzdrow, Brainin, Brandon, Braun, Brauman, Brawer, Breslauer, Briler, Broads, Broder, Brody, Bronzowy, Bru-Poey, Brukhis, Buchsbaum.

C: Capet, Carvalho, Chasnoff, Chenes, Cherenis, Chernobylski, Chumek, Cohen, Comyn, Correa, Coutinho, Cukierwar, Curiel, Czarka, Czarny.

D: d'Angouléme, d'Anjou, d'Aquitaine, d'Arles, d'Austrasie, d'Heristal, d'Italia, d'Orleans, Dannenberg, da Costa, da Silva, da Silveira, de Acevedo, de Alvim, de Ansiaes, de Aranyo, de Ataíde, de Aviz, de Barcelona, de Bayeux, de Beaumont, de Berenguer, de Bobbio, de Bourgogne, de Brabant, de Braganza, de Bretagne, de Cambra, de Caod, de Castilla, de Castro, de Chacim, de Coimbra, de Dammartin, de Eca, de Enxara, de Falaise, de Fornelos, de France, de Freitas, de Galatia, de Gatinais, de Granada, de Giocouria, de Guzmán, de Hainaut, de Henriques, de Hesbaye, de Jerusalem, de Lancastre, de Lanhoso, de Laon, de León, de Lorraine, de Los Ríos, de Mattos, de Melo, de Mendonca, de Menezes, de Metz, de Miranda, de Molina, de Montfort, de Moreira, de Normandie, de Paiva, de Perthois, de Portugal, de Provence, de Resende, de Ribadouro, de Ribeira, de Roucy, de Rousillon, de Sandoval, de Semur, de Solís, de Souto, de Souza, de Supplinburg, de Tavora, de Tongres, de Tours, de Toxandrie, de Tréves, de Troyes, de Valladares, de Valois, de Vermandois, de Vilalobos, de Vilhena, di Savoia, di Lombardi, di Spoleto, di Susa, du Maine, Daltrop, Daniel, Davis, Diskant, Doctor, do Rego, Drachman, Drehmel, Dreyfuss, Dunowicz, Dworkes, Dwyer, Dydakow.

E: Efros, Eger - Gans, Eldan, Eibeschutz, Einstein, Eisenstein, Eidyga, Eldan, Elsass, Elster, Englender, Epstein, Ergas, Erlich, Erskine - Vanderbilt, Ettinger, Essick, Eysteinsson.

F: Fafes, Farro de Souza, Faynbrun, Faziah, Feldworm, Feferling, Ferber, Fernandes, Fersztenfeld, Filher, Finkelstein, Fischel, Fitzsimmons, Fradis, Fraenkel, Franklin, Frajdenreich, Frances - Andrews, Franco - Mendes, Friedlaender, Friedman, Friedrich, Fruehauf, Fryde, Frym, Fuks, Fürst.

G: Gandesman, Garbarski, Garfinkiel, Geis, Gelberg, Gelbfisz, Gelbrom, Gellman, Gepner, Geraldes, Gershon, Gesundheit, Gielber, Ginzburg, Glickfeld, Glicksberg, Glicksman, Golab, Goldberg, Goldfarb, Goldgraber, Goldkorn, Goldman, Goldsobel, Goldschmidt, Goldstein, Goldwasser, Goldwater, Goodman, Gotfried, Gotuszok, Gradus, Graf, Greenly, Grosfeld, Grosman, Gross, Grossbart, Gruenberg, Grunauer, Grynal, Gupert, Gutman, Gwin.

H: Halpern, Hanau, Har Yofee, Haskler, Hayum, Hazard - Perry, Heilbut, Helfand, Heller, Herzig, Herszlowicz, Hess, Heuser, Hirschfeld, Hoffman, Hollander, Holz, Horowitz, Howland, Hulbert, Hupert, Hus, Hyatt.

I: Ickowicz, Idelman, Inoff, Isaac - Diego, Isselbaecher, Izraelitenberg.

J: Jacobi, Jaffe, Jaitelelski, Jessel, Jochtman, Johan, Jonkacz, Julianus.

K: Kabakoff, Kachan, Kahane, Kalina, Kajt, Kaliksztajn, Kam, Kantor, Kaplan, Karesh, Kaufman, Kaushanski, Kavounas, Khadorov, Kharak, Kielman, Kilberg, Knochen, Kodier, Koenigswarter, Kolhagen, Kon, Koral. Korc, Kowalski, Krakauer, Krajman, Kramarz, Kranz, Krausz, Krejndel, Kronentahl, Kubel, Kunya, Kurstnik, Kwart.

L: La Fleur, Labin, Lajman, Lancastre, Landau, Langfir, Last, Lawendel, Leach, Leiner, Lenczner, Leon, Leuchter, Lerner, Lesman, Levi, Levin, Lewartowicz, Lewinson, Lewit, Liberman, Lichtenbaum, Lichtenstein, Lichtman, Lifschitz, Lilienfeld, Lilienthal, Linde, Linder, Lipsky, Loewenberg, Lomaz, Londner, London, Lopes, Lorch, Lourenco, Lozow, Lucas, Luria, Lvov, Lynch.

M: Magidson, Majerson, Mandel, Manne, Marco, Marcus, Margolis, Marks, Martel, Mascarenhas, May, Meisels, Melchior, Merenholz, Michelson, Milch, Minkler, Mintz, Mioduser, Mistavski, Mocatta, Modlinger, Montefiore, Mordchelewicz, Morgan, Morgenstern, Moniz, Moses, Moszkowski, Muchowski, Muurling.

N: Nagy, Naj, Najman, Nathanson, Neumark, Nichomacha, Nogueira, Norwind, Nuńes, Nussbaum.

O: Oettinger, of Byzantium, of Grosmont, of Guelph, of Lancaster, of England, of Scotland, Oltuski, Oppenheim, Ostrowicz.

P: Pacheco, Padva, Pais, Pancer, Pardys, Parish, Paulinus, Paulla, Pereira, Perlmutter, Pimentel, Pines, Plantagenet, Plata, Plaut, Poker, Polakowski, Ponitz, Porath, Potok, Pomarancz, Portnoj, Poznanski, Prins, Proculus, Przepiorki, Pupku, Pyzer.

Q: Quadratus, Quadratilla, Quentin.

R: Raab, Raibenbach, Rajner, Rapaport, Rapel, Rapp, Raskin, Rauchwerger, Reichert, Reinach, Rezyka, Ribacka, Ribeiro, Rice, Richter, Rieser, Rives, Robbins, Robson, Romeu, Ronkin, Rosaniec, Rosenblat, Rosenberg, Rosenblum, Rosenbusch, Rosendorff, Rosenkranz, Rosenfeld, Rotenberg, Rotenstein, Rothschild, Royzis, Rozenman, Rozensold, Rubinstein, Ruelf, Rydkowicz.

S: Sagan, Salidar, Salkind, Samek, Samen, Sapper, Selig, Selzer, Scherf, Schiff, Schildberg, Schirling, Schmelkes, Schneurson, Schuteiss, Schwarz, Schwarzbard, Sebag, Seltzer, Semyaticka, Serkin, Severus, Shaiak, Shealtiel, Shpangener, Siegel, Sigman, Simms, Sinai, Singer, Skowronek, Soares - Velo, Sochall, Sokol, Sokolak, Solomons, Soloveitchik, Soltanovich, Sonnenberg, Spangenthal, Spector, Sperling, Spier, Spiwak, Stein, Stone, Strassberg, Strauss, Srebma, Swearman, Szerman, Szlosberg, Sznejman, Szkolnik, Szotland, Szpigelman, Sztejman, Szudmark.

T: Tachauer, Taub, Tectosages, Teixeira, Teomim, Thaler, Thomas, Tochtman, Toprower, Tollemache, Trczianski, Tsaban, Tsibulya, Turkel, Tyche, Tytelman, Tzina, Tzizling.

U: Ubersfeld, Ungerleider.

V: van der Walde, van Oss, van Raalte, van Zanten, Varsus Laevillus, Vinnytsky, von Bayern, von Habsburg, von Halle, von Hohenstaufen, von Köln - Vitrey, von Lenzburg, von Reuss-Ebersdof, von Sachsen, von Schwaben, von Stolberg-Wenigerode, von Thüringen, von Weiblingen, von Wittelsbach.

W: Wainreib, Waintrop, Wajndorf, Wajnholtz, Wajsman, Waldenberg, Waley, Warburg, Wasserkerner, Waxman, Weber, Wechsler, Weich, Weiler, Weinberg, Weintraub, Weisberg, Weiss, Werchazer, Wernik, Werszwowski, Wertheim, Whithing, Wiener, Wilner, Winawer, Wizenberg, Wojdeslawski, Wolfgang, Wolbman.

X: Ximenes.

Z: Zajac, Zajdman, Zaklikowski, Zeydner, Zilber, Zimerman, Zobel, Zolazd, Zukerman, Zusman.

Listed above among the connections of the Schoenberg family is the name de Beaumont. Considering that the Schoenbergs descend directly from the de Belmonte family, and that Belmonte and Beaumont mean essentially the same, one might be tempted to say that both were in fact, the same, but so far it seems that this is not the case. Indeed, there are connections thorough Henry II of England[1.440] and Isabella of Norfolk[1.441], since she was the daughter of Margaret de Beaumont[1.442] who was a daughter of Earl Robert II of Leicester[1.443], but the origin of the names de Beaumont and de Belmonte, while meaning the same - "beautiful mountain" - is different: de Belmonte originates as a title given to the de Sampayo family, while de Beaumont emerges outside Portugal a few centuries earlier. It might be the case that there is a connection, a revival of a surname or something like that, but at this point, it seems just a mere coincidence that some ancestors of the Schoenbegs bore the de Beaumont name.

One curious twist about this family name is that the mother of the Marx brothers was named Minna Schoenberg, from Colmar, Alsace. This could be a pure coincidence and at least at this time we cannot say whether she was in any way related to the Belmonte - Schoenberg family or not. However, there are a few interesting aspects about this: Sources indeed report her as being from Colmar[240.2][241][242][242.1]. At the same time, there is evidence that in Colmar there was a Schoenberg family capable of marrying with highly-reputed rabbinical families such as Babad[240.1], which means that at least that particular family branch there was well-positioned either in terms of wealth or reputation (for what we could read about Minna Schoenberg, she was not in a good financial situation and her family was not wealthy). The Colmar Schoenbergs married to the rabbis were in fact, the family branch to which Aaron Schoenberg (a.k.a. August Belmont Belonged).

Schoenberg is both a Kohanim and allegedly Davidic family, both via Charlemagne and other Jewish families (see Overview of the Davidic Tradition) considered to be so as well; there are of course, observations as to the feasibility of historically proving that claim. However, that tradition has been kept in my family and everyone related to it - members, relatives and people belonging to the same social group - acted assuming that for a fact. This doesn't mean that it is a fact in modern, historically-verifiable terms, neither that it is not, but it defined the whole way in which the family behaved since there are records of its existence, and more so since the affirmation of such a nature encompasses both Jewish and Christian claims in that sense.

During the XVIII and XIX centuries the Schoenbergs of Warsaw married several times with the Eger family. All the prominent Schoenberg branches of Warsaw descend from Rabbi Akiwa Eger, and this has been stated in several tombstones, like in the case of Zeev Schoenberg[1.448]; Zeev also descends from Abraham Landau. His grand father was Wolf Lejb Schoenberg[1.404], and his grandmother Bajla Hinda Eger[1.449]. Both were my fourth great grandparents. Szmul Schoenberg[1.293], who was their son, was married to Gitla Hendla Eger[1.292]. In turn, Abraham Szimon[1.295], who was one of Szmul's sons, married Riwka Eger[1.294], and there were other cases in the family like these.

By the beginning of the XX century, the Schoenberg family in Warsaw had an ostensible preference for marrying its members with the Rotenberg and Skowronek families, up to the point that both Skowronek and Schoenberg functioned for all purposes like a single family and corporation, one providing its banking business and the other capital in the form of real estate investments into the coalition.

An interesting video about Sephardic history and their origins in Spain in Portugal.

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