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Kielce is the place where one of the cadet branches of the Schoenberg family originated - the Goldkorns - but there is much more to it in the family history.

Indeed, the Goldkorn family that later went into the finance business and married with the Blats and Taubs in Warsaw and Lodz, originated in Kielce. Apparently, the first Goldkorn chose that family name while living there, and one of his sons, Yaakov Józef Goldkorn[1.218], married Gitla Schoenberg[1.220], giving rise to the Schoenberg - Goldkorn branch (see Goldkorn). Members of the Guterman family, linked to Blat and Rozenkranz also were born or lived in Kielce, like in the case of Khana Rukhla Guterman[1.252] and whose parents were Mosze Hersz Guterman[1.253] and Khana Rozenkranz[1.254].

Jewishgen records show that there is also a relationship between the Blats of Kielce and the surname Szternberg or Sztajnberg there; however, this last surname, especially when it is not clearly written, is quite probably Schoenberg. This would naturally prove that the Blats of Kielce were directly linked to the Schoenbergs, but even if that is not the case and there is an abundance of cases showing that Sztejnbergs is really Schoenberg like in the case of Yad Vashem testimonies for Ewa Schoenberg[1.206], wife of Abraham Skowronek[1.40] where both variants are used indistinctly, the name Sternberg - either in its German or Polish form - is ultimately related to Schoenberg. Thus, the relationship, direct or indirect, is real[204].

Moreover: In the case of the Goldkorn - Schoenberg marriage described above, the same differences in the way in which the surname was written was noticed. These variants including the literal Szejnberg among Sternberg. Szejnberg and others indicating a very low formality on the part of the person who actually wrote those records. But in that case, Gitla was finally considered to be a Schoenberg so the same inference can be reasonably made in the case of the Blat marriage.

Another piece of evidence in this regard is the marriage of Mihdla Rosochacka[202.1], who married into the Blat family of Kielce; the surname Rosochocki has been found to be related to the Skowronek family of Warsaw (see Rosochocki) so according to the Blatt - Rosochocki testimonies (see Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony) this link did effectively exist.

As it is stated in the Jewishgen records[204.1], these people were living in the region near Krakow, and aside from Schoenbergs and Blats in Warsaw, there were indeed both Blats and Schoenberg living in the same region and in Krakow itself (see Relatives in Krakow) so there can be little doubt about the relationships in question, although we still have to find with reasonable precision where in the family tree we can put them.

Auth: P. Edronkin.
Royalty III, Pablo Edronkin.

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