Salek Schoenberg

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Salek Schoenberg (1890-1942)[1.189] was a public accountant; he was the broher-in-law of my great grand uncle, and a great grand uncle of mine as well, since he was the brother of Ewa Schoenberg, who was a niece of Dinah Schoenberg[1.16], my second great grandmother; Salek worked at one of the banks that the family owned in Warsaw, and was murdered by the Nazis.

Salek's parents were Abraham Schoenberg (1847-1939 and Lea Norwind (1855-1927); Ewa (1880-1942), his sister, was married to Abraham Skowronek (1875-1942), who was one of the brothers of Hena Skowronek, my great grandmother[1.14] (See Hena Skowronek). They were all murdered.

The "Bcia Skowronek Kantor Wymiany" that belonged to Motyl[1.41] and Abraham Skowronek[1.40] was located at Fredry 4, in Warsaw and had a branch at ul. Leszno 17, in the same city. That is were Salek worked. Several members of the Skowronek, Blatt and Schoenberg families, which were all related, worked in relation to the banks. Some were bankers themselves, others were public accountants, commercial representatives and mathematicians. Only a few survived; there were no survivors among those that were in Warsaw when the Nazis entered, in 1939.

The last reported address of Salek in the city was ul. Ceglana 10, within the ghetto; since this address has also been reported in the case of Abraham Skowronek and other relatives, we assume that it wasn't probably one of their normal addresses but a place to which all of them were forcibly moved in. Abraham Skowronek and his wife, for example, lived normally at ul. Senatorska.

From testimonies of survivors, we know that Abraham and Ewa, who were also at Ceglana 10 for a while, were moved to the Otwock ghetto, where they died; we do not know the fate of Salek, but based on this information, we assume that he died in Warsaw.

Salek took an insurance policy at the company Prudential plc, Warsaw branch, before WWII, probably knowing the danger they were in. We know about Saleks's existence thanks to the pages of testimony left at Yad Vashem by Theodor Hatalgi and Naomi Halpern who were nephews of Abraham Skowronek, and by Eva Skowronek, granddaughter of Abraham, and also thorough our own research.

Particularly as we researched on the fate of Salek, mentioning that we are members of the Schoenberg family, genealogists, historians and lawyers repeatedly raised their eyebrows and said things like "Schoenberg is a big name" and "Schönberg jest potezny nazwisko, jak Rothschild".

The Nowy Dwór house
The Nowy Dwór house that belongs to the family at least since 1853, where several Skowroneks, Blatts and Schoenbergs were born.

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