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Credited for once saying "Nonsense... my sons would not allow it" when asked if there would be a war, she was the daughter of Wolf Schnapper[1.164] and Bella Gans[1.74], who in turn, belonged to the Gans family from which Rabbi Akiva Eger Gans[1.29] and many of the Schoenbergs of Warsaw descend; Guttle was also the wife of Mayer Amschel Rothschild.

"There comes a point when you either embrace who and what you are, or condemn yourself to be miserable all your days. Other people will try to make you miserable; don't help them by doing the job yourself." - L.K. Hamilton.

Quite a lot of conspiracy theories grew around that phrase; the truth was that indeed, the Rothschild banking house as well as other banks belonging to their relatives and our common ancestors were not interested in instability and war. Unless you sell weapons, war is not good for business, and even if you do there is a limit to it. Nevertheless, believers in the guilt of Jews for everything bad that happened, happens and will happen, tend to stick like a mantra to what Guttle[1.73] said.

She was born in today's Germany, on August 23, 1753; Mayer Amschel Rothschild[1.151], born a few years before than Guttle learned the banking trade at the Oppenheimer banking house (see Samuel Oppenheimer, the Oberfaktor) and became a coin trader for the Prince of Hesse. She wasn't particularly beautiful but after marriage they both became the richest couple in the world, and along a number of other Jewish banking families, they gained virtual control over the world's finances.

Indeed, the Gans, Rothschild, Worms, Hanau, and Schoenberg families among others who were also bankers and factors - are interconnected by a network of marriages that were in all cases understood as business matters. Our common ancestors were related but they were also very efficient business partners; no namby-pamby open demonstrations of sentimentalim here, as business always took the front seat in familiar relationships. Good traders, factors, lawyers and even Poker players learn to hide their emotions in front of their rivals and generally speaking, in public. Guttle and Meyer certainly acted like that and so, the image of a cold predatory caste evolved, aided by envy and anti - Semitism.

But that doesn't mean that they were completely cold; quite on the contrary, our families always gave the best possible education and resources to kids, and proof of that is the continuity over many centuries of family fortunes.

The problem - perhaps - comes form the fact that financiers act on pure reason and numbers in public, and the personal life in these families has always been guarded as a secret for various reasons. Then, wealth and apparent coldness bring resentment among those that don't belong. I even had a girlfriend that as she started to behave like a spoiled brat, once said that I was so cold that she couldn't see my soul by looking upon my eyes, but never mind: The masters of this game were Meyer and Guttle, and you can see something of that in the portrait of Guttle already as an old lady. But the same pattern can be seen among all these families.

Guttle had several daughters: Schoenche Jeanette, Isabella, Babette, Julie, Henriette. Also, she had several sons: Amschel Mayer, Salomon Mayer, Nathan Mayer, Kalman Mayer and James Mayer. Each one of them was an asset, an investment; reaching adulthood and by means of arranged marriages they increased the power of the Rothschild banking house.

Her brother, Mayer Wolf Schnapper[1.165], married Hanna Israel[1.166]; their sons married into the Wertheimer and Worms families, which again, are related to the Schoenbergs, from which we come. August Belmont (a.k.a. Aaron Schoenberg)[1.30] had a sister, Elisabeth[1.77], who married Stefan Feist[1.75], who was, in turn the son of a woman from the Rothschild family born in 1790, presumably Julie Rothschild[1.76], daughter of Guttle and Mayer Amschel. There were other marriages of this sort.

Also, Hannah Rothschild[1.167], one of Guttle's granddaughters, married Henry Fitzroy[1.68], descendant of the Seymour family.

You will find these names related recurrently, along with Montefiore, Goldschmidt, Schiff, Speyer, Mocatta and Bamberger. There are others as well, forming a banking clan; that's true, but far from the diabolic conspiration portrayed by anti - Semitic types. It was just business.

Guttle lived 95 years and died in Nassau on May 7, 1849, the same place where she was born; I don't know if she felt satisfied with her life as a mother and grandmother like most mothers and grandmothers do; she was in a different dimension. In retrospect, probably she looked upon her life as a business success: Certainly she had the satisfaction of knowing that by then she was probably more wealthy and powerful than Queen Victoria herself.

Guttle Schnapper.
Guttle Schnapper, once the richest woman on Earth (1753-1849)[147].

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