The Jewish Perpetrators of Every War

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Pablo Edronkin

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The idea that Jews are the perpetrators of every conflict in the world is not a new one, so let me tell you about Hary Rozen: He was born in 1937, he was - or would have been - an uncle of mine but was murdered in 1942 by the Nazis in France; and since he was a Jew and member of a banking family, according to these theories he should have concocted the murder of his parents, most of our hundred-or-so-members strong family, about six million Jews more and of course, himself.

"A wise man will make more opportunities than he finds." - Francis Bacon.

One of the preferred anti Semitic canards nowadays is that Jews, and especially those who are wealthy, are the perpetrators of every conflict in the world, including WWII and its ramifications, such as the Holocaust, in order to attain their sinister objectives.

Why would Jews have provoked the Holocaust, I should ask? Once I read that it was perpetrated in order to turn themselves into victims and hence, raise funding and popularity as underdogs and so get the land of Israel in 1948. Pretty nice conspiracy theory, but it has some flaws, I am afraid:

If the Jews are so mighty and powerful -and obviously, controlled the Western Allies that fought against the Nazis, why would they need to appear as underdogs? Having the atomic bomb at hand was more than enough to get any land they might have wanted.

Then, how would they benefit from killing themselves or having others kill them if they would not be around to enjoy the results of their conspiracy? If you are keen on becoming a zillionaire by any means available, it doesn't help you to obtain your own death as a by product, does it?

If Hary's relatives, being bankers, were so heartless as to plan the murder of their own people, would they have also planned the murder of Hary?

And then, another one: If you belong to a bunch of bankers, greedy Jewish financiers, sinister Elders of dark Kabbalah knowledge and blood sucking capitalist such as we are and have been in our family since the night of times even 2-year old toddlers who would be my uncles right now but were killed by the Nazis for being considered enemies it is of no use to have most of your potential customers killed or dropped into deep poverty by means of war and destruction. Even if you sell weapons, it wouldn't be wise to bankrupt your own customers governments by letting them evolve a little conflict into a major, world-wide scale war. In the end bankers don't want war because it goes against their business model.

The belief that Jews are behind the scenes in every war comes from the fact that in the past, many monarchs had Jewish factors (faktors) helping them to resolve their financial matters and naturally, this implied also raising funds to wage war. But from such historical facts to assuming that Jews were the actual perpetrators or promoters of wars takes an intellectual leap that only people of intelligence on a shoestring can accomplish.

Court Jews such as those ministers were, precisely, members of whole courts and nobility classes. In France alone, before the French Revolution, there were tens of thousands of nobles of different ranks - loathed enought to be mass murdered by French citizen zealots during the revolution -, most of them wealthy and with stakes on the decisions that the kings of France might make. So there were tens of thousands of individuals with vested interests, most of which, in a Christian country, were Christians themselves... Yet one Jew among tens of thousands of Christians with vested interests was the sole perpetrator?

Hary Rozen
Hary Rozen (1937 - 1942)[1.163][24.45].

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