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The Story of Things

The Skowronek Bankers - Sources and references

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Some artifacts, places, ideas, people and things that are related in one way or another to the Skowronek family have their own stories to be told.

"You can walk over the highest mountain one step at a time." - B. Walters.

Depending on the quality of our own curiosity in the dark sky of the night we can see void, or infinity.

Ships of Adventure, Exploration and Survival - Ships and types of vessels described in the history of the Skowronek family.

Aerospace and us - Aerospace developments related to the history of the Skowronek family.

Myths About the Rich Jewish Bankers - The conceptual figure of a Jewish banker is riddled with myths and misconceptions; generally, Jews, and especially those perceived to be super rich are seen with envy, which derives in suspicion, fear and hate.

The mapamundi of Fra Mauro - Fra Mauro's mapamundi was created before Portuguese explorers sailed around Africa, yet it shows that at least at a certain level there was a fairly precise knowledge of the world.

Robbery and Restitution - Delaying the restitution of properties stolen by the Nazis or Communists results in the perpetuation of a status quo which goes against the respect for private property and freedom that emerged from crimes against humanity; hence, anyone not giving back properties stolen during that period or even thinking that they shouldn't be delivered to their original owners is simply a Nazi or Communist collaborator, even decades after WWII an the fall of communism.

Gesinde - A Coalition of Banking Families (PDF) - "Gesinde" means "family" or "household" in German; this word describes a clan of mostly Jewish banking families organized as a coalition that is de facto one of the oldest multi national corporations. The goal of this paper is to explain using elements from coalition theory, how the Gesinde changed the paradigm of banking between 1600 - 1800.

Gesinde - Organizational Learning (PDF) - The goal of this paper is to explain how organizational learning within the coalition of Jewish banking families known as "Gesinde" produced a paradigm shift in banking practices between 1600 - 1800 in Europe as a response to confiscation caused by persecution. This process led eventually to the development of our modern banking system and to changes in Jewish culture at large.

Gesinde - An Intelligent Social Neural Network (PDF) - The goal of this paper is to describe how the coalition of Jewish banking families known as "Gesinde" that grew out of those prohibitions evolved into an effective multinational trade and finance organization that shows learning capabilities according to organizational learning and network theories, by evolving empirically into a neural-type network.

Long -Term Thinking - Thinking and planning for the long run are characteristics of true leaders. Societies, families and leaders that have accepted long-term thinking as part of their ethos are generally more successful than those that commit their minds only to the quest for short-term benefits.

Aristocrats or Commoners - In life we have a very simple choice to make: We can either choose to belong to aristocracy or commonality, to the best or to the hoi polloi of our days, and this doesn't depend on money, birthplace or skin colour but attitude and nothing else; this is so because aristocracy means "the government of the best", which ultimately, and even for the most powerful person on Earth, implies governing oneself with the best characteristics of your own personality.

A brief reflection on ignorance - Ignorance is far more destructive than evilness and ignorants can be manipulated by evil people; ignorants can be evil as well, thus, ignorance is evil.

A brief reflection on scapegoats - Something to think about the fabrication of scapegoats.

A brief reflection on our ability to err - Something to think about the power to commit mistakes: Repeated errors with silly ideas can destroy empires more effectively than atomic bombs.

A brief reflection on armies and corporations - Something to think about the discipline system of armies and corporations.

Supervivencia urbana: Saqueos - El saqueo es una forma de robo masivo en el que la impunidad se busca y a veces se obtiene en base al predominio de la masa; el que quiera protegerse de un saqueo generalmente deberá recurrir a la violencia, como la evidencia parece indicar.

El Plan Andinia es una quimera (I) - Una demostración lógica, histórica y racional sobre la inexistencia del supuesto Plan Andinia, que pretendería ocupar la Patagonia como confabulación del sionismo internacional.

The Sea of Pachamama.
The Sea of Pachamama, Pablo Edronkin.

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