The Skowronek Bankers in the XV Century

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Pablo Edronkin

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A compendium of short family stories from the banking family of Warsaw and its ancestors that took place during the XV century.

"First improve yourself, and only then judge others." - Proverb.

These are based on old familiar stories as well as historical documents.

The Age of Discovery and its Financiers - Starting in the XV century, the age of discovery was a period of extensive European exploration of the world that included Columbus' trip to America, the feats of Vasco da Gama, Cabral and many others, but someone had to pay for the whole thing, and – perhaps you guessed – there were Jewish financiers backing it all up.

Ancestors of the Skowronek Family in Portuguese Naval Expeditions - Sailing in caravels, carracks and galleons, some ancestors of the Skowronek family belonging to the Schoenberg (Sampayo – Belmonte) branch living in Portugal in the XV and XVI centuries took part in the expeditions that opened the sea trade between Europe and Asia.

The Rabbi, the Prince and a Promise Kept for Five Hundred Years - One day, Prince Mikolaj Krzysztof Radziwill promised to a rabbi in Italy that he would care for the Jews in Poland; his family kept the promise ever since then.

Dom Lopo Vaz de Sampaio, Knight, Explorer, and Governor of India - The father of Dom Iago de Sampaio y Belmonte dedicated his life to maritime exploration and trade between Portugal and the Far East during the XV and XVI centuries.

King Afonso V, the African - King Afonso V of Portugal promoted the exploration and conquest of Africa; this earned him the nickname 'The African'.

Joćo II, the perfect - Joćo II lived his life under the ideal concept of a perfect prince but people of his time often referred to him as a tyrant; nevertheless, during his tenure as the king of Portugal, some significant things were achieved in the race to explore the world.

Jorge de Lencastre - A natural son of Joćo II of Portugal, Jorge could have become king after the freakish death of Afonso the other sole male son and half brother, but was not recognized as a legitimate heir in time; the throne passed to Manuel I, producing a rift among the aristocracy that brought many explorer and armada captains to the side of Jorge, including Vasco da Gama and his officers.

Dom Iago de Sampayo y Belmonte - Once upon a time, when Portugal was one of the greatest empires on Earth, Dom Iago de Sampayo y Belmonte was born, and being a descendant of Charlemagne, he was a member of the Portuguese high nobility. It was 1493 and his family, before his birth, had held several titles for centuries, but he also was made Senhor de Belmonte during the early years of the sixteenth century as a reward for some services to the crown.

The Waldseemüller map, which used for the first time the name America, written over the so-called now South America
. Part of the Waldseemüller map from 1507, which used for the first time the name America, written over the so-called now
South America[80.3], which means that it is incorrect to call the USA America because the name was first
applied elsewhere in the continent; according to it, North america should be called 'Parias' instead[80.2].
From Wikipedia, The Free encyclopedia. Public domain[80][80.1].

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